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Gays Ruin St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on | March 17, 2014

In Boston, the mayor wouldn’t march in the parade because the organizers refuse to allow a gay group to march, and in New York, pressure from gay boycotters convinced Guinness to pull its sponsorship of the parade.

Evidently, it is not enough to have a Gay Pride parade every June. Now every parade must be a Gay Pride parade.

Sam Adams pulls support from Boston St. Patrick’s parade over gay rights

(Those are two beers I’ll never be tasting again. )

Alternately, let them march and then beat the shit out of them.   Like in the old days.   (Second thought, that wouldn’t work, a Gentleman doesn’t hit women, so the lesbians would kick our ass!   So if they insist on showing up where they are not wanted then cancel the damn thing and stay home and work on how we’re going to destroy the Democrats in November!)


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