“Our President*…………………….

*Date: *January 5, 2014 at 9:37:49 AM PST

My wife and I are on Oahu for our annual Hawaii trip with good friends and two granddaughters enjoying the hospitality of the Hawaiian people on this lovely Island. Being retired military allows us the privilege of using the military facilities and especially the highly desirable golf courses.

Yesterday , Jan 4, we had a tee time of 12:04 to play golf at Kaneohe Marine Corps on Oahu. We arrived early because we were advised the President was possibly going to play but also that he was leaving to fly back to D.C. that same day.

We checked in and were second off and waiting for carts when we were advised that he really may be coming but there was no count of when or how many in the party. We then got body scanned, our golf bags searched and briefed on the proper behavior expected. He and his party finally arrived at 1:00 and he then hit balls on the range and then drove right in front of us on his way to the first tee hollering Happy New Year to the small group (50 or so) golfers waiting to play. They keep two holes clear for him both
front and rear and the secret service used 30 carts in all. After he teed off they went down the first fairway and I spotted a single golfer going to the first tee. I hollered at him to get off and he slowly ambled my way and when within talking distance he said he was White House staff and was allowed within the two hole space. I cannot repeat what I said to him. We were finally allowed to tee off at 1:30 and watched as the President bullied his way thru all the young Marines who were able to take a day off as they prepared to go to wherever to protect us all. No words of thank you for your service or how are you doing, just he and three of his
civilian high school buddies messing up the day for many. They would make the two groups ahead of his progress move to the side and allow the group to play through.

It really is bothersome to view firsthand the egotistic ass that is our President. I asked numerous marines who were standing around what they thought of him and not one of the thirty or so had any kind words. The common refrain was why did he not come out and join a threesome of young marines and play golf with them. That would have been so appropriate. Why doesn’t his staff make a tee time like all of us and cancel if necessary? That would eliminate all the confusion. Why does he not respect the lives of all around him instead of being so arrogant.

Thank God he left last evening. We were out there for 5 1/2 hours and quit after 14 holes and left the course with a total lack of respect for our President.   USMC Friend

posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:25:03 AM by LeoWindhorse

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One Response to Privilege

  1. This just in.
    The New York Times says President Obama, who has played 158 rounds of golf while in office, routinely takes between five and six hours to play 18 holes, a glacial pace that the newspaper chalks up to the president’s “methodical” play.

    And he does this at public and private courses where all lessor mortals are forced to wait on his convenience.

    On military courses, as was Hawaii, and as this writer has described, many military families who don’t have the time to waste are shut out.

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