So if Obama leaks info and gets Seals killed it’s OK?

Navy SEALs cite shabby treatment as Obama administration helps Hollywood instead

The two authors and a third SEAL were acquitted by military juries when the prosecution’s case fall apart.

One of those former SEALs, Matthew McCabe, said in an interview that the ordeal encouraged him to leave the Navy last year rather than try out for Team 6 as he had planned.

“At that point, I really was thinking, ‘We gave a lot to be in this position. And for the minor allegation we’re being accused of, for you to turn your back on us that quick, I’m not going to give any more,'” said Mr. McCabe, now a commodities analyst in Houston. “I’m done with what’s going on. Should I go to work every day and give 1,000 percent if at the drop of a dime someone is going to stab me in the back? I’m not going to do that.”

Secret Service agents, Navy Seals quitting for reasons directly attributable to the Obama administration.  How many more of America’s elite guardians have quietly resigned, and how many more can we afford to lose?

In 2010, pro-military lawmakers and citizens expressed outrage that U.S. Central Command had filed charges against Mr. McCabe and two other SEALs in the capture of Ahmed Hashim Abed. One of the most-wanted by the U.S., Abed was the accused mastermind of the slayings and desecrations of four American security contractors in the volatile town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, in 2004.

The SEAL unit had executed a precise raid to infiltrate Abed’s hiding place, capture him and whisk him away in a chopper. No one was hurt.

The SEALs were stunned to learn days later that Abed had accused the three of hitting him. Their superiors, all the way up to Central Command, sided with the terrorist. No one believed their repeated denials. This was a setup, they said.

A master chief petty officer confronted them and demanded their weapons, a devastating scene rendered in the book “Honor and Betrayal,” written by Patrick Robinson, as told by Mr. McCabe and fellow former SEAL Jonathan Keefe.

“Right here it should be recorded that to strip a U.S. Navy SEAL of his armaments is almost to strip him of his birthright,” Mr. Robinson writes. “These men have darn near killed themselves to earn the right to serve their country. To line them up and remove their ever-present combat gear was also to strip them of their dignity, pride and honor.”

Three successive courts-martial showed Abed to be following the al Qaeda textbook: Once captured, claim to have been abused. The credibility of the accusing sailor collapsed under cross-examination.

Isn’t it amazing the harm one man jackass can do if he’s in the right wrong place?

PDM 26 (2b)


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