Doug: Flightradar, Incredible! Also, wingwalking.

This just in……………… Doug SemperFi signature This is an incredible program…. An incredible number of aircraft occupy the skies all of the time!

Want to know where that plane flying overhead is going, and the type of aircraft? Now, YOU can locate and watch on your computer, ANY plane in the air at that exact moment, and display information about that plane, its type, speed, origin, destination, etc.

Even private aircraft, and at times, even be in the cockpit observing the instrument panel, or look outside the flight window.

At any given moment, you can actually see in real time, literally every plane in the sky over any area of your choosing anywhere in the world. Now you can see why an aircraft traffic controller is one very, very busy person. The information will tell you who is flying the plane, and where they are going. In the left hand column, there is a box called “planes.” The number in the box is the number of aircraft airborne.

This view is what the traffic management people see for planning purposes at the various airports.

What type of plane, airbus A320, 330, 350, where it originated, and where is it going, what altitude, what speed, what company, etc. A few things you can do:

You can drag the map to change the area you want to view, then zoom in by tapping with your mouse.

On the map you will see all the planes in the air. Click on an plane, and on the left screen you will get the flight information, airline, type, speed, altitude in real time, re-calculated every 10 seconds.

On some flights you can also click on the ‘view from the cockpit’….



Further proof of the the old theory that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should………..

This supports my theory that pilots are superior human beings. Notice the pilot stays in the aircraft and some idiot, probably a navigator, walks on the wing of two gliders.

Agreed, definitely certifiable !

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