NAS report on Bowdoin College; Political Correctness run amok.

The tale of a teed-off philanthropist and the head of Bowdoin College, where identity politics runs wild.

I was reading an article this week in the WSJ about Bowdoin College in Maine, famous for being the place where Joshua Chamberlain laid down the book and took up the sword during the Civil War and to which he returned to serve as President of the College. Today the college is quite different.
National Association of Scholars report on political correctness at Bowdoin College was recently released and it makes very interesting reading, in a messy train wreck kind of way. The part that caught my attention was that a student with a History Major, isn’t required to take American History. He can (however) take a course entitled “Queer Gardens”. The main story is behind WSJ’s paywall, but this is the link;

The duty and vocation of our countries educational institutions once was to prepare our children to be good citizens of the USA, today places like Bowdoin are more interested in turning them into “World Citizens”. Just like Barry.


Barack Obama


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