If its Tuesday, I’d rather be in Tokyo…

Soineya Cuddle Cafe Akihabara

Recently the Western press picked up on Japan’s first “Cuddle Cafe” or “sleep together shop” in Tokyo’s electronics & nerd culture center of Akihabara.

Soineya Cuddle Cafe Akihabara, Tokyo
Signs to establishments next to Soineya

The glowing write ups taken from a Japanese source seemed to promise something like a spotlessly-clean dentist’s surgery for unloved salary-men to grab 40 winks in the soft arms or accommodating lap of a young, immaculately pyjama-clad Japanese lovely.


In 2004, the “female lap pillow” debuted in Japan, complete with a mini skirt and soft, rounded knees. It sold for $90 and became so popular, a number of “knockoffs” were made.
Men found the female pillow soothing, and for $90 could have a “female” lap to lay their head in forever. The trend was short lived.

And, The Obama Low Information, High Impact Voter


New York woman breaks through sidewalk and is “wedged in” requiring a construction crane to extract her.011113hole3CS094917--525x400

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