I don’t feel like registering just to comment on Revolution…

I don’t watch a lot of TV, especially broadcast TV.  I’ve now seen two episodes of NBC’s new “SciFi” show, Revolution. Before I say what my opinion of the program is, let me say I did some cruising around the web to sample the zeitgeist floating around.

Twitter was the only bastion of unabashed support, well Twits will do that.

Most sites the comments were all asking, “Hey! Did someone forget about the industrial revolution? And like, STEAM POWER?”.  Yup, with all these steel rails crisscrossing the country, nobody hooked up surviving steam engines and began making new steam locomotives? Nah, lets walk, and have a few guys ride horses. But the most fun is harness humans to long drag lines and whip them up! (But only with a freshly oiled whip so it leaves nice clean strokes) Err, never mind.

OK, my opinion is that this is the stupidest new TV show I’ve ever wasted time on. Unfortunately, Mom seems to like it. Mostly she likes the character of Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Tom Neville. I think she thinks he’s hot.

So we will be taping it on the DVR for the foreseeable future.  With all the young actors and actresses with perfect teeth, and hair, and plunked eyebrows, and clean clothes, fifteen years after the power goes out and manufacturing stops but everyone is still wearing polyester…     No, forget it, not important.

But one thing that irritates me, on all the TV sites that had commenting, they all want you to register in order to state your opinion. With a new user name and a password to boot. Well, here my friends you don’t have to any of that. As the man said, “This is Liberty Hall, feel free to spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard”.

Just don’t Twit,   Please.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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5 Responses to I don’t feel like registering just to comment on Revolution…

  1. Doug says:

    No Steam! Balderdash!!


  2. And pip pip!
    You didn’t mention if you have seen this show yourself, another premise they rely on is that no one but the militias have guns or are allowed to own them. After fifteen years even the militias are reduced to black powder muzzle loaders. Of course this is set within shampoo, rinse and set distance of Chicago so maybe everybody gave up their guns readily. But in that case I expect the New Army of Georgia to march in and take over any day now.


  3. silver price says:

    Saw the pilot, seems like a show I will be watching. I do have a few conceptual quibbles, though. I would be tempted to say “I’m sure they have some neat techno-babble up their sleeves to explain things.”, but from past experience, they just aren’t that smart. Things we know: 1) A group of people knew it was going to happen 2) It is a field effect 3) It is ongoing and can be locally counteracted All this is fine, and I’m sure we will find out more as the story progresses. Things the writers should have known: 1) The entire industrial revolution, steel mills, steam engines, steam ships, steam tractors, skyscrapers, machineguns, gas lighting, modern plumbing, the works, all was done with zero electricity. You can turn an air compressor into a steam engine with a handful of plumbing from the hardware store. 2) All the folks who would still know how to do useful things (people who show antique tractors, SCA blacksmiths, people who reload their own ammo, etc.) are going to be predominately rural and more likely to have survived. 3) Any vehicle that has a diesel engine, mechanical fuel pump and manual transmission will still work perfectly fine with a push start. And it is not like there will be a shortage of diesel fuel. I’ve got a 30 year old tractor that meets those criteria and with some care it will probably still be running 30 years from now. There are plenty of vehicles in the “heavy equipment” category that fit, and the deuce-and-a-half Vietnam Era trucks littering the National Guard armories of the United States all qualify as well. 4) You don’t say “people who stayed in the cities, died” and then have the first quest take you to a thriving community in a big city… Nonetheless, I will be tuning in for the next episode. I can get over the poorly thought out ramifications of the signature event, and who knows, I might be surprised to find they have a clever way to deal with my criticisms. Anyone else have any thoughts on the show?


    • Odd, I was just trying to explain to my mother why diesel engines could still work when your comment popped up. Also, why the article about the show in TV Guide she was reading rated a 8.4 on the stupidity scale. The writer questioned why everyone didn’t just switch to solar power and wind? (well wind to direct grind corn, OK).
      I imagine that hand pumps would be worth their weight in gold, especially for anyone trying to get at the fuel stored in underground tanks at the local gas stations.

      Ah! SCA. I just realized I’ve forgotten what the SCA name for this, the northeast kingdom, is? Been a long time.

      Talking about poorly thought out ramifications of the signature event, how about the massive die off of roughly two thirds of the population. Especially in the Northeast.

      Here’s a chicken or the egg question that I was annoyed by, the (computer in the attic) lady sticks a flash drive into a dead computer and it (and the outlawed incandescent blub) magically start working. OK, the special software program is a “spell” that allows local vicinity to defeat the geas cursing electricity. But where did the power come from? Is someone using steam power (for something at least) to turn the local power generator just in case power starts working again? And don’t say she has a UPS, after 15 years the batteries are flat. Maybe that day is the one day a month (or year) that someone does just that to see if the power damping effect is gone? Lucky timing…I guess.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Incidentally, Regina. I pulled your comment out of the spam filter. The email address failed and WordPress decided it was not from a real person.
      But after reading it, it was obviously not computer generated and it made interesting points. So, welcome.
      As far as I know the blog is set up to allow anonymous comment posting, but bogus addresses, if entered, get the comment sent to Purgatory.

      Update: I checked and found that WordPress will allow anonymous comments…but, the comments will not post automatically. So I guess I have to trudge down to Purgatory regularly.


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