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Was the Aurora Shooter Really Wearing Body Armor?

“That’s not a bulletproof vest. A clue can be found in the big green open spot in the middle of it. Some would call that “center mass”.”



He was so well equipped that if anyone in that theater had tried what the National Rifle Association recommends—drawing a firearm to stop the carnage—that person would have been dead meat. Holmes didn’t just kill a dozen people. He killed the NRA’s answer to gun violence.

“But in the case where the assailant was indeed wearing body armor, the armed citizen still would have played an important role. Anyone with a CCW permit should expect that he will become the primary target in the unlikely and unfortunate instance that he ever has to draw his weapon. The idea that the assailant is going to just stand there and ignore incoming rounds bouncing off his body armor while he goes about his business like that scene in The Terminator where Arnie stalks Connor and Reese through the police station is just that … pure Hollywood.

What’s more likely (read damned near guaranteed) to happen is that the assailant will be forced to focus his attention on the “victim” that’s unexpectedly shooting back at him and away from other potential targets. By choosing to voluntarily place himself at heightened risk, the armed citizen buys time for the unarmed to flee to safety.”

All the preceding text is from a post on ACE of Spades HQ.

Haven’t you ever wondered?

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