These days, on Sunday, Kayaking gets me closer to God.

A subject dear to my heart…

Is the US Episcopalian Church Still a Christian Church?

During the day, he adds, the legislators in the two chambers gathered to discuss

such weighty topics as whether to develop funeral rites for dogs and cats, and whether to ratify resolutions condemning genetically modified foods. Both were approved by a vote, along with a resolution to “dismantle the effects of the doctrine of discovery,” in effect an apology to Native Americans for exposing them to Christianity.

I wish that I were making this up, but I am not doing so — and it looks as if things are going to get worse, for the Episcopalians are on the verge of formalizing what Akasie calls “the reality that many Episcopalians already know: a church in the grip of executive committees under the direct supervision of the church’s secretive and authoritarian presiding bishop, Katharine Jefferts Shori, [which] now set the agenda and decide well in advance what kind of legislation comes before the two houses.” I am not myself a republican in ecclesiastical affairs, but it looks as if what Lenin once called “democratic centralism” is going to become the order of the day.

As I wrote recently, in Maggies Farm: It’s the same thing with the UCC, which comprises most of the old Congregation churches in the Northeast. The new “central command” in CT has been taken over by a liberal, far-left coterie espousing “political cleansing” of the words and songs of traditional worship. The old “Pilgrims Hymnal” is being replaced with the New Century Hymnal that gets rid of all that bothersome “God the Father” wording. They even re-wrote the words of “America the Beautiful”.

That’s when I got out. Still looking for a place to worship on the south shore of Boston.

Getting so that the only religious group remaining true to its belief’s are the Catholics and the Wiccans.  Go Figure?

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