Palin on my mind.

The Obama Dozen by Sarah Palin

What are The Palin Points? Let’s review:
Just off the top of my head, a few of these concerning issues include:

  1. a debt crisis that has us hurtling towards a Greek-style collapse,
  2. entitlement programs going bankrupt,
  3. a credit downgrade for the first time in our history,
  4. a government takeover of the health care industry that makes care more expensive and puts a rationing panel of faceless bureaucrats between you and your doctor (aka a “death panel”),
  5. $4 and $5 gas at the pump exacerbated by an anti-drilling agenda that rejects good paying energy sector jobs and makes us more dependent on dangerous foreign regimes,
  6. a war in Afghanistan that seems unfocused and unending,
  7. a global presidential apology tour that’s made us look feeble and ridiculous,
  8. a housing market in the tank,
  9. the longest streak of high unemployment since World War II,
    private-sector job creators and industry strangled by burdensome regulations and an out-of-control Obama EPA,
  10. an attack on the Constitutional protection of religious liberty,
    an attack on private industry in right-to-work states,
  11. crony capitalism run amok in an administration in bed with their favored cronies to the detriment of genuine free market capitalism,
    green energy pay-to-play kickbacks to Obama campaign donors, and
  12. a Justice Department still stonewalling on a bungled operation that armed violent Mexican drug lords and led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

I’m sure I missed a few things, but the list is just for starters.

Sigh!   Almost a year with OnTheNorthRiver.Com, over 400 posts written and assembled and put out there into the void.

And in three days, Bristol Palins new blog has close to the same number of views and double the comments received.   Ah, well.  May I wish her success with all her endeavors.

(Now where can I get a Baby?  Yeah, that’s the trick, I get a baby…at least I’ve had more spam.   I think.)


About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. Tea Party supporter. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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One Response to Palin on my mind.

  1. Dear little Bristol now has over a hundred thousand visitors and comments. (good grief!)

    Doesn’t bother me a bit, I’m really doing this for my own enjoyment, I don’t really care if anyone visits this site or not…
    …and I’m going fishing.

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