The 400th post. Random Mishigas

Lets get off to a good start…

Our Synagogue Needs a Bomb Shelter

We recently were told by the IDF that our synagogue, which has grown to seat over 800, must now shoulder the cost of building a bomb shelter. We already have members that carry fully automatic IDF issued rifles in attendance, an emergency equipment cabinet with medical trauma gear, bullet proof vests, helmets and extra ammunition but due to the imminent threat of rocket attacks we need to build a bomb shelter.

$1,133 raised/$50,000 goal  Support Israel.

The “plan” regnant………….from Rico

Steve Chu, Obummer’s Secretary of Energy has SAID it openly…but like with ‘hope & change’ and ‘transforming America’ nobody is paying any attention.
– This includes the presstitutes and kept whores of the MSM.

The REAL reason this misAdministration is not doing anything except killing things like the Keystone pipeline is that their ‘energy policy’ is to put gas at the pump at EUropean levels. Yes, they mean it for their own enviro-wacko reasons, but this is where they want to go. $10/gallon gas.
Call it the $9.99 and 9/10th’s “plan.” This is indeed the plan regnant.
– It’s for your own good, and you’re just gonna LOVE it!

You can thank them AFTER you re-elect this entire crew….er, Obummer in the Fall!


Ban Jane Fonda Not Rush Limbaugh

So this bitch female dog wants to revisit the 70’s does she? Above is some of what Jane Fonda was doing back then, also actively betraying our POW’s which resulted in their further torture by her “Vietnamese friends”.

With her buddy Gloria Steinem, she is attempting to attribute to Rush Limbaugh a comment made in 1972 while he was a M.C. of a “Shock Jock” radio program and even going by a different name, as a recent remark Rush supposedly made on his current nationally broadcast show. Not even “apples and oranges”, “apples and cold dead puppies”.

Why is Jane Fonda NOT in federal prison? Or dead.

lighten up, got to lighten up…

The actor Stephen Fry has accused movie copyright moguls of “bullying” in a row over a Hampshire pub called The Hobbit.

The pub, which boasts Tolkienesque decor and serves cocktails with names like Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo, has been given until the end of May to change its name and remove all references to The Hobbit or face an expensive lawsuit.

Fry, who is in New Zealand shooting the two Hobbit films with director Sir Peter Jackson, was asked to support the Southampton pub’s fight to keep its identity by organisers of a Facebook campaign.

In reply, the star tweeted to his thousands of followers on Twitter: “Honestly, @savethehobbit, sometimes I’m ashamed of the business I’m in. What pointless, self-defeating bullying.”

In a separate incident, Yoda was arrested for being drunk and dis-orderly in the pub’s parking lot. ;-}

Given half a chance, legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts would talk all day to Adam Sweeting about his true love, jazz, and in particular his new boogie-woogie band .

Yeah Jazz! I like jazz, can’t hardly find any on the FM radio any more.


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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. Tea Party supporter. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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