Herald on Breitbart, Green waste, “After-Birth Abortion or infanticide.

Breitbart had last laugh

Andrew laughed. I laughed. And then he observed, “If we’re such hatemongers, why is it that we’re the ones having all the fun?”

Michael Graham of the Boston Herald writes of Andrews success exposing the Left for what it is.

“These are the people you’re going to let intimidate you with accusations of ignorance and hate?” was his message. “These angry, petty people so willing to lie and smear in the name of their politics?” Andrew wasn’t afraid. He proved the left was, if not actually funny, certainly a joke.

Andrew certainly was a believer, but he also enjoyed the battle itself. Hoisting the dominant liberal media with their own hypocritical petards wasn’t just the right thing to do. It was also a damn good time.

The copy of other Herald writers about Andrew Breitbart is smeared with the signposts of MSM when it attempts to denigrate an conservative; Ugly, Attack Dog, Rabid, Diatribe. Nice words to use to describe a family man after his death.

For Boston, the Herald is considered a conservative paper, but they have to hire writers and all graduates of Journalism Schools are  stamped with the same mold. After a while, if they are capable, they mature and their writing changes. If not, you end up like Margery Egan.

Matt Ridley on How Expensive Green Energy Destroys Jobs, While Cheap Shale Gas Creates Job

You will hear claims from Chris Huhne, the U.K.’s anti-energy secretary [he was recently forced to resign and faces criminal charges], and the green-greed brigade that trousers his subsidies for their wind and solar farms, about how many jobs they are creating in renewable energy. But since every one of these jobs is subsidized by higher electricity bills and extra taxes, the creation of those jobs is a cost to the rest of us. The anti-carbon and renewable agenda is not only killing jobs by closing steel mills, aluminium smelters and power stations, but preventing the creation of new jobs at hairdressers, restaurants and electricians by putting up their costs and taking money from their customers’ pockets.

Shale Oil and Gas lower energy prices and enable more jobs, not theory but proven in real life time and time again. So what is the attraction in “green energy”? Answer: Crony Capitalism.

Professors Call for More Infanticide

Perhaps you saw this article from The Blaze. According to two ethicists from Australian universities, in a recent article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, newborns should not be considered persons, and therefore doctors and parents should be allowed to determine if “after-birth abortion” is the best possible option for the family and society as a whole.

Laura writes:

The authors of this piece have taken the logic of abortion to its inevitable conclusion. As they point out, if abortion is permissible, why isn’t “after-birth abortion?” However, their point is not to condemn abortion but to argue for the reasonableness of another level of infanticide.

“two ethicists” ??? What type of Ethicist would say something like that? An Ethicist employed by the State perhaps, the State of Sparta, or of Nazi Germany. But from Australia?

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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