Update: EcoSmart G25 8-Watt (40W) LED Globe Light Bulb (E)* No longer recommended.

OK, first I’m not getting any money from Home Depot for this.

So why am I basically running a free ad? First, this is made in the USA. Anyone who knows me, knows that I fanatic on that subject. To find a LED bulb that is NOT made in China is very exciting (God! I’m pathetic) . Second, this bulb, which I have used to replace one bulb in the kitchen, gives great light and is dim-able. Third, the price.

Under $10 at Home Depot.

If you haven’t been looking at or using LED bulbs in your home you may not know what a low price that is.

I’m going to buy quite a few of these, some will be Christmas presents. If that seems odd, well, I am odd. Actually for several years I have been indulging my support for buy American with a holiday spirit. During the year if I find a interesting or useful item and that item is made in America, I buy it. Even if I, personally do not have a use for it. Then at Christmas, we used to collect all these “Made in the USA” products (corkscrews, pans, flashlights, coasters…) and decide who they were going to, wrap them, address them and give them. Ho, Ho, Ho.

If you need a low-energy light, don’t want one of those mercury contaminated CFL’s, and to get a good price go to Home Depot for the EcoSmart LED bright white G25.

Update: These LED lamps on the shelves now at Home Depot have a sticker over the Made in USA, “Assembled in Mexico”. Odd.
Looks like HD got called on the Made In USA boast. Well, I’ve replaced about ten or so overhead lamps so far and they work better, with better light than the Incandescent originals. Plus, one thing I don’t remember anyone mentioning, as I dim the bulbs they stay brighter longer than the old ones. In the dining room where there is a four bulb array, the top two bulbs are still Incandescent because I need a hand setting up the TALL ladder to get at them. (Angled vaulted ceiling). When I dim that set of four, the bottom two LED lamps seem to remain as bright, as the top two bulbs grow yellow.

I find that I’m leaving the kitchen lights on longer now, all eight overhead LED’s use less energy than one of the old bulbs. When I dim them to half there is still enough light to work by. I wonder how many watts these things draw dimmed by half?

Update (April 2014):  One of the kitchen bulbs failed.  Well, not failed but began to flicker (or strobe) after it had been on for a while.  Since it was the bulb directly over the stove I suspect the heat from cooking, especially the oven.  I replaced it with another but I wonder if I should leave that socket empty.  The stove has it’s own overhead lamp so it’s not really needed.

Update (2018) Now this brand is made in China.  Glad I bought what I needed before that happened.

Since I bought LED bulbs I’ve read an article in the WSJ about LED lighting that confirms that heat can cause their electronics to fail prematurely.    NOW, they tell me!


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