I wonder what the Mob is up to today. Also, Perry, Soros and Israel.

Elizabeth Warren — mob boss *UPDATED*

Title says it all.

Can Israel Survive?

I consider the likelihood of my living to a ripe old age to be linked with the possibility of Israel being pushed into a war of survival and going full nuclear on their enemies. Then Pakistan attacking them out of fear or anger, India lets fly because Pakistan does. China tries to grab some more land in the area. The southern nations formed from the USSR throw a few warheads first one way then another. After that, Daisy bar the door.

Governor Perry’s Muslim blind spot

This article caused me to lose interest in Perry, he seems to NOT be the man we’re looking for. He holds to too many positions I oppose.

Soros-Funded Group Behind Course for Journalists That Downplays ‘Jihad’

Huge surprise, not. Did everyone catch the story last summer about Soros funding hundreds of new “journalists” for PBS? Consider this the follow up.

What I Learned At Dartmouth

How easily I could have been him, I’m so glad I met my wife.

Fury as Cameron rules out EU referendum because we had our say in poll 36 years ago

Concerning “Benefit Tourism” in the UK, the Belgium European Commission threatens to sue the UK (in the EU’s own courts of course) for trying to slow the rate that immigrants are flowing into that country to take advantage of the higher benefits given there. The Telegraph story quotes a member of the government who complains about, “unelected and unaccountable EU bureaucrats extending their power over the UK”.
However in another story in the Mail:Online the head of that government, David Cameron, refuses to hold a referendum on the UK staying in the EU on the grounds that the UK had their say 36 years ago. That’s 36 years ago in 1975. Seems to me the government there is divided on where they stand.
As British dissenters have pointed out the referendum at that time was limited to the question of joining the Common Market. There has never been a referendum to ask for approval of all that has come since, the European Commission, the Euro superseding the national currencies, and especially continental meddling in the UK government’s attempt to control the budget.
Since no one under the age of 53 has ever had any chance to give or withdraw approval this seems like a reasonable step, especially now when the whole EU structure seems on the verge of crashing down.
I watch this issue with interest since it seems to me that what happens to Britain happens to the US five or ten years later.

Hispanics surpass whites in poverty

Is the plight of our wealthy poor our fault if so much of it is imported?

Chris Christie says taxing rich to help poor is “demoralizing message” for USA

I like this guy but I hope he stays in NJ and gets the job done. Maybe in 2016.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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3 Responses to I wonder what the Mob is up to today. Also, Perry, Soros and Israel.

  1. Doug says:

    All in all, an excellent blog. And how many of us free thinking “individuals” have been through the Dartmouth experience of one kind or another.


  2. Ah, my lone commenter strikes again. Thanks Doug!
    I had sixty plus hits yesterday, I’d think that at least one Obama fan would stop long enough to curse me out.
    That Dartmouth post got to me too, he’s a latin and today a writer (that’s obvious) and director. He made his career in his native Chile, partly because of this incident. The entry on his college transcript followed him around in his attempts to get into grad school and applying for jobs.
    The bitch of the tale married a wealthy and successful man and she became a doctor, in research I believe. No bad karma it seems. Whats the message there?


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