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According to Wisconsin Judge Patrick J. Fiedler, you do not have a fundamental right to consume the food you grow or own or raise.

Old saying that gets truer every year day,“It doesn’t matter if you have no interest in politics, Politics is interested in you”.

The Revolt of the Greek Tax Slaves

When the few that still produce in Greece refuse to pay the new taxes, instead are willing to fight and/or go to prison then its time to call it a revolution.

Self-employed workers like Angelos Belitsakos have had enough of rising taxes and have begun to revolt.

Our revolution is coming. Arm yourselves.

Five myths about millionaires

Interesting that even The Washington Post is beginning to get it.

Quote: There’s a reason why beta males have stopped holding open doors for women. Chivalry requires gratitude.

Chateau Law #3: In the state of nature, men are expendable.

Sheriffs ditch Gov., get tough on immigrants

And in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, believe it or not!



From totally not adrian

A “Social Contract” Is Not A Constitution

“[Elizabeth Warren’s] supporters are enthusiastic because she is in essence pleading natural law in defense of Obama’s tax policies. It’s pretty good natural law, too. Parts of it sound conservative. She appeals to “the social contract” as opposed to the libertarian precept. She says that capitalists are greedy, which they are, and that they ought to have more sympathy for the rest of us who built the social order that allows them to get rich. Time to give some back. What’s wrong with that?

“Well, to start with, social contracts aren’t Constitutions. They Social Contract is a convenient fiction, but in fact there isn’t one, and to the extent that there is anything like one, Thomas Hobbes comes a lot closer to the agreement that creates a state than Rousseau or even Thomas Aquinas. Social Contracts sound great, but you can’t sit down and read the Social Contract. Constitutions are specific….

“Constitutions try to limit government. Social contracts may be seen as a limit of government power or as an empowerment, depending on your point of view.” — Social Contract and Constitutions | Jerry Pournelle


“We’ve got a lot of sad people walking around who like to engage in a belief that individual effort is futile, that individual success is an impossibility and a nullity. They don’t want to face up to the fact that somebody else did something better than they did. They’d rather engage in a systemic belief that there is no prosperity, there is only a state of being “rich” which means you must’ve ripped someone off.

“That’s what makes them so incredibly dangerous. They are not trying to foment revolution of any kind. Revolutions can fail. They aren’t in the midst of a revolution, they’re in the midst of a sickness. They’re using narcissism to self-medicate their sickness, reaching for it, just like an alcoholic reaches for the next shot of bourbon.” — House of Eratosthenes

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