Reposted: Hingham Harbor and Worlds End

The plan was to launch from Hingham Harbor and paddle hard to Hull Gut, then back, and do it in three hours. Got to be able to keep up with those younger guys. However, the chop in Hingham Harbor was eight to twelve inches and the wind was stiff and rising. Seemed like a good idea to traverse calmer waters. So I went around Worlds End and down into Hull. Cloudy, but no thunderheads in sight. Tide is perfect, launched an hour and a half before high tide, three hours out and back with the tide roughly the same height as when I left. NO HINGHAM MUD!!

Mid-August, even midweek there’s a lot of activity.  Sailboats!

There’s a cove on the east side of Worlds End, in this cove every summer you will find many boats moored to enjoy the safe anchorage. The water in August is warm, the current is gentle, and the beautifully kept grounds of the walking park that is Worlds End is a lovely background. On the south end of the cove are rock cliffs. The water beneath these cliffs is deep enough at high tide to jump from the top of the cliff safely. Well, I’m sure that you could find some bluenose to object and try and stop it, in this state there is one of those type under every rock.  But not today.

These are amusing shots, I’ll arrange the whole set on their own page.

Back in the sixties I never saw garnets on the water, now they are everywhere. In Hull they seem to like to roost on the big power lines.And this is going to be a problem.

These folks have a beautiful vacation spot, a nice house with a dock right on the water. Fish right off your back porch. My Donie always wanted us to do that some day. Never got around to it. We should have been more like these people.

More clouds but no rain, wind still blowing from the shore pretty stiff. Time to pull for home.


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1 Response to Reposted: Hingham Harbor and Worlds End

  1. I decided to repost this from 2011 because I haven’t been able to do very much of this activity lately. But with my surgeons appointment coming up I hope that will change.

    Some of the stories I’ve chronicled lately…are grim. Sorry.


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