Sunday News

Telecom Italia sells unit to Burlington firm

I still have an interest in these things.

Orion spaceship

The comments at the Herald website were the usual whining about wasting money in space. Let me say this very slowly,”You can’t spend money in space, there are no ATM’s in space nor Ferengi space traders. And if you space a lobbyist in space, you can’t hear him scream.” All the wealth in the universe lies just a few feet beyond our horizons but if we don’t fund the technology we will need to grasp it, it will be forever out of our reach. 

More likely, we’ll be buying it from the Chinese at their prices.

Tom & Ray Magliozzi / Car Talk

I love these guys.

Suicide gunmen storm home of Karzai ally

Taliban have succeeded in three other assassinations of Karzai’s allies and family within the last month. I’m calling my predication that NATO and The US will run out of money and the will to continue before the Taliban run out of suicide assassination teams.

  I’m afraid that Afghanistan will have barbarism for another hundred years.

Syrian president defies US and sends in the tanks

With Obama it’s the smart bet.


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