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Morgan Manning: ‘War on Photography’ tramples rights

I have a slight interest here.

That Actually Took Longer Than I Thought

It took almost a day for some on the left to start blaming Sarah Palin for what happened in Norway. This post and the lengthy comment thread focuses on the question of Gun Control. They certainly have that in Norway, that’s why the only  person on that whole island with a gun was a insane murderer. In the US for every shooting committed by a nut with a gun there are several stories out there about incidents brought to a quick resolution by a armed citizen. These stories don’t get published in the NYT, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, etc., but in the smaller cities, the southern towns and out west they do.

So ask yourself, if you were on that island with your family lying in the dirt waiting to see your family murdered, would you rather have a cell phone to call police or a gun. Don’t wait until then to decide because without the training and familiarity with its use it might not do you any good.

Sen. Ron Johnson on Obama: “His Performance Tonight Showed He Is Not the Adult in the Room” (Video)

If you read enough about the game going on, from different points of view and the political spectrum, while avoiding the “sound bites coverage” of the MSM, you can see whats really going on.

Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe — That’s the Truth About What We Learned From Japan

If you think this is BS, go look up the actual (not the projected death toll by MSM) death toll from  Chernobyl, look it up I’m not going to tell you. Then think about it.

Babes of Comic-Con 2011

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