Here’s a cheerful headline and a bit of good news.

Die DEI, die!

On January 24, Kelsey Butler of Bloomberg reported, “Big Tech Layoffs Are Hitting Diversity and Inclusion Jobs Hard.”

“Companies that made promises to hire more underrepresented groups are gutting departments meant to achieve those goals.”

The story said, “The layoffs sweeping the technology industry are gutting diversity and inclusion departments, threatening company pledges to boost underrepresented groups in their ranks and leadership.

“Listings for DEI roles were down 19% last year — a bigger decline than legal or general human resources jobs saw, according to findings from Textio, which helps companies create unbiased job ads. Only software engineering and data science jobs saw larger declines, at 24% and 27%, respectively.”

Being vital to the company is job protection. DEI is a good little-work, big-pay gig until the economy goes south, as it always does eventually.

Charles Love wrote in Newsweek on April 21, “A white grievance backlash has arrived in Massachusetts, to hear the liberal media tell it.

…if you talk to the parents at the center of the ongoing fight over Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in public schools in Newton, Massachusetts, you’ll find something very different. You won’t find MAGA Republicans opposing DEI in the schools, but rather liberal Democrats who have noticed a shift in their children’s school system priorities. And their complaints have nothing to do with being white.

“One parent had a child excluded from an affinity group (a race-based social group), while other parents were dismayed to find an accelerated math program that was in place for years had been scrapped due to equity concerns. Still others were troubled to learn that their children’s English and History instruction was filled with language dividing everyone into categories of oppressor or oppressed.”

DIE is one of the useless degrees that many students are tricked into paying for.  Students that should instead be going for degrees that translate into marketable skills.


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1 Response to Here’s a cheerful headline and a bit of good news.

  1. Rob H. says:

    DEI personell are simply “pigment counters”.


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