Got back to photography today: The Kayak Launch Area Report.

So, where to begin.  Down the road to Weymouth Landing State Ramp, six weeks ago the ice was pretty bad.IMG_0295 Mid Winter

Today, O.K.   But I’m shocked at how fast this ramp, it’s stonework mainly, is deteriorating.  Big pieces have already fallen away.P1000087 First Day of Spring

Ramp is clear, the fisherman are out and the geese are returning.P1000086 telling tales of stripers P1000085 CG wingin it bA short drive east to Adams Park on the Back River, ice-free and ready for business. _DSC0007 Ready to go

_DSC0006 So when the rain is driven under the layers of plywood

Sign of a nasty winter, the rain, sleet and snow driven under the layers of plywood. Tough to repair.

We are on 3A, so head south a little further to Hingham Harbor.

Next stop was in Scituate, the Driftway boating ramp.    Also all clear of snow or ice. But not of unleashed dogs…and children._DSC0018 Driftway is ready

But the bad news is at the Brooks-Tilden Shipyard launching point by the bridge (Bridge St. in Norwell, Union Street in Marshfield).   The public car-top boat launching ramp is located off the parking area for the town park.  I’ve never seen any worse mess on the South Shore in my life.

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For an embarrassing comparison.  The other side of the river in Norwell.  This area is not open, town residents only.   Lets hope that the town officials in Marshfield don’t get the idea that closing their side of the river is necessary.

(I’d have liked to have brought some of that trash home to depose of, but Weymouth this year went from unlimited trash pickup to very limited. )

I was happy to progress on to the next launch site.   Very striking evidence of the harsh winter we had.

Down the shady cut, the way to the water is over ice, eight inches thick.  It can be done, but the last fifteen feet could be tricky carrying a boat.

This view from Brick Klin Lane is literally “A Million Dollar View”.  _DSC0037 NR valleyIn Hanover, Indian Head Drive is open for business.  But I wish someone with a chain saw would cut back that downed tree,  you launch and then duck!



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