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Saamer Akhshabi Dies From His Own Molotov Cocktail: FBIs Story Unacceptable – School Raising Money to Send Body to Iran


Iranian Ph.D. student, Saamer Akhshabi experimented with one too many homemade Molotov-cocktail-type explosives, when it prematurely detonated or ignited, obviously putting other apartment dwellers in danger. He died yesterday from the burns he received from one of his own devices, butt — the University of Tehran alum WAS NOT A DANGER TO THE COMMUNITY, according to the FBI:

“The FBI has relayed that, to date, they have not developed any information or evidence indicating criminal intent in this investigation.” Source: AJC

You know, We the People pay the salaries of the FBI. They owe us the truth. It is ridiculous to assume we will believe this man was not a danger to the community, just because they want us to believe it. They do not care about our concerns. They didn’t know about the Boston Bombers, and look at the suffering. They didn’t know about this Iranian man, here from the most aggressive terrorist nation on earth, WITH A ROOMMATE, and bottles filled with gasoline and other paraphernalia in an apartment building! We have paid for an explanation. Let’s hear it.

On Akhshabi’s Facebook page, “Multiple Entry US Visa for Iranian Students,” (“multiple entry,” what does that mean?) is shown as a group he belonged to. He advocated for ”common sense steps to “reduce gun violence” but gasoline bombs, with innocent people nearby, no problem.

The truth is, We the People have a good fix on who “they” are letting into the U.S. Blame me, if you want to, for not mourning this young man, who is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s friend, but when the FBI insolently backs off of any explanation of what seems to be such blatant suspicious and irresponsible activity, I feel the FBI does not have the best interests of American citizens at the forefront of its agenda.

Georgia Tech’s College of Computing is raising funds to help his family return his body to Iran.

“Saamer’s initial prognosis was very bad, but he fought for more than a month,” Zvi Galil, dean of the college of computing, said in a story on the Institute’s website. “Our faculty and students visited him regularly, often staying for hours at a time. This was an excellent, promising student, and all of us in the college deeply mourn him.”

If you want to donate, contact the Georgia Tech School of Computing. Really, go ahead and do it, or you could go to a John 3:16 Mission and hand an America soldier a few dollars.

Here are some facts from the original story:

A suspected Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene were found in the Midtown apartment of a Georgia Tech graduate student severely burned, police said Wednesday…

In addition to what police described as a Molotov cocktail — a container filled with flammable material, and often topped with a make-shift fuse — police said several gasoline- or kerosene-filled bottles were found in the apartment. Source: Pamela Geller

Originally, Akhshabi was reported to be a Turkish national?

Fox is reporting that Akhabab is from Turkey ,and refers to him a “victim.” The Examiner also says he is a Turkish national.

He was an Iranian activist for Barack Obama and supported gun control for you and me, while he was was building bombs.

The video below is a news report aired at the time of the explosion. You’ll hear that this had nothing to do with terrorism, Saamer was just having personal problems. His roommate was in the apartment at the time of the accidentally-premature explosion, and put out the fire, which melted the window blinds.



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  1. American High School students that TALK about making a bomb,( as a joke), are arrested, suspended from school and likely will serve time in jail.
    After The Boston Massacre why did the authorities treat this asshole with kid gloves? He (successfully) constructed an incendiary device, a functioning bomb whose functionality he proved by killing himself. The FBI called the devices the Tsarnaev brothers built, Weapons of Mass Destruction, working gasoline bombs can do no less damage. So why wasn’t this terrorist handcuffed to his hospital bed?
    Raising money to send him home? Sure, pack his ashes into a daisycutter and drop it on Baharestan Square.

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