British Paper breaks story on Obamacare cancellations.

Revealed: Senate Republicans tried to block Obamacare rule that caused millions of insurance cancellations, but EVERY Democrat voted to save it

  • In a 2010 Senate vote, Republicans failed to block the Obamacare regulation responsible for as many as 5 million insurance cancellations
  • The vote was 59-40, with every Democrat opposed
  • Sen. Rand Paul told a partisan crowd last week that the rule was never part of the Affordable Care Act, but was tacked on later by the White House
  • The so-called ‘grandfather’ clause virtually guarantees the cancellation of private health insurance policies that change in any way from year to year

‘I’m still learning about it,’ Rand Paul said of the Affordable Care Act. ‘It’s 20,000 pages of regulations. The Bill was 2,000 pages. And I didn’t realize this until this week – the whole idea of you losing or getting your insurance cancelled wasn’t in the original Obamacare [law]. It was a regulation written by President Obama, three months later.’

In a little-noted Nov. 5 report, the influential Senate Republican Policy claimed that ‘[t]he Obama Administration decided – all on its own – that any routine change made to a grandfathered plan would invalidate the promise that you can keep what you had.’

Citing that report, Paul described the GOP’s attempt to do away with that regulation in 2010, months before he became a U.S. senator.

The Republicans had a vote to try to cancel that regulation so you couldn’t be cancelled – to grandfather everybody in,’ he said.

‘You know what the vote was? Straight party line. Every Democrat voted to keep the rule that cancels your insurance.’

During a brief debate, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley complained that ‘only in the District of Columbiacould you get away with telling the people “if you like what you have you can keep it,” and then pass regulations six months later that do just the opposite, and figure that people are going to ignore it.’

Not a peep about this in the American papers, that’s why I read the British and other world papers.


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