So, when exactly did we lose control?

Android 4.3’s New ‘Always-On’ Wi-Fi Feature Buried in Settings

“To improve location accuracy and for other purposes, Google and other apps may scan for nearby networks, even when Wi-Fi is off,” describes Google.

Messages From New Amber Alert Program Startle Sleeping Californians

Los Angeles Police Department Det. Kevin Coffey trained local law enforcement officers on the alerts in February and found most were surprised by the new reach they already have.

“We’ve never had this ability,” Coffey said. “We’re going to have instantaneous connectivity with every person with a cellphone within our county and potentially multiple counties in the state.”

Japanese Smart Toilet Vulnerable to Hackers

Picture this: You’re relaxing on the commode with a good book …, when without warning you feel the whirl of the toilet flushing or the squirt of the bidet.


theo5 chinese hack prc120325

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