WWII: When German intelligent design and workmanship faced American guts.

Why Run In?


If you paid attention to the caption above, you noticed the divot. That divot was from a naval shell that appears to have barely grazed the sea wall, put the divot into the iron of the roof, and got past the armor/splinter shields of the beach gun, and hit the wall behind.

I wanted to comment on the Blackfive site but it requires “social media” login, and I don’t “face” and I’m not a twit, so I’m linking to their excellent page here and also saying my piece.

I am a avid reader of history and have read many books and articles about D-day and the Normandy campaign and have seen it written “The destroyers had to get in close to the beach to take out the German bunkers”, but I have never (before) seen a series of photos explaining the reason so well.

Visit the site, read the full text and series of photos…

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