River and Kayaking pictures are coming but first the Mud

Samantha Power’s Five Worst Statements


Our new UN Ambassador, she once was recorded as urging the US to invade Israel to the benefit of the Palestinians,

Speaking about her own comments, Power said, “This makes no sense to me.” “Even I don’t understand it … The quote seems so weird”

Bi-Polar?  Hope she stays on her meds.


Al Qaeda Terrorist Claims Ambassador Stevens was Killed in Kidnapping Gone Wrong

From Dan Greenfield

And considering the official story, we then have to assume that while his protectors lost Stevens during the fire, the Jihadis got in, injected him with a lethal dose, for some reason, and then got out without succumbing to smoke inhalation, while brilliantly making it appear that Stevens had. Like a lot of movie action plots, this is so cleverly convoluted, it’s downright pointless.

But since smoke inhalation rules out claiming that they beheaded Stevens, this is another way of taking credit for his death while looking cool. Because the other thing that terrorists do is lie like cheap rugs.

What irritates me about this development is the FBI squeaking,”We knew about this, we have been investigating!!!”.   Well Dude, its been eight months and we have been waiting to hear something other than that stupid YouTube video story that you didn’t refute, and now you’re scooped by a someone from a wacky website called, al Qaeda Airlines.

You’re been punked!

blinders not the only problem with her statement theo2  ch130513 Long-Story

Hi Doug, hows the hip?


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