Working theory that covers all the facts.

Oops! Lets not talk about the elephant in the room…

The Looney Bin

There is a lunatic asylum in Bolivar, Tennessee….

Because as a culture we have decided it is more humane to let the lunatics roam amongst us. To institutionalize them is cruel, as they might miss their f***** Friday cupcake.

Better to let them be free, so that random mass murders might exhibit themselves, and allow us to politicize it, and finger our opponents. Much better than locking up the lunatics.

Which, by the way, creates jobs. Those Negroes beating on Randle McMurphy were earning a living wage, you know.

The proximate cause of the Batman massacre identified, with almost 100 percent certainty

James N.writes:

Despite the efforts to make James Holmes conform to a stereotype which would be acceptable to one or another of our current political fever dreams (He’s a Muslim … He’s a tea-party guy … He’s a Democrat … He’s a gun nut … etc.), the truth is almost certainly that he’s a very crazy guy who scared lots of people and who, in a normal and rational society, would have been placed in, and remained in, a state hospital for the rest of his life.  read the rest

The piece below by Ann Barnhardt is a very different take on the Colorado murders, however, unlike other editorials or “think” pieces on the killings it does not ignore the facts or the past history of mass killings in  the USA.

On Guns and Demons

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – July 21, AD 2012 4:40 PM MST

1. Obviously, I begin with the Aurora movie theater shootings, which illustrate a very, very important theological point. Satan is the prince of this world. Until the glorious coming of Christ, there is going to be evil in the world, and we humans can never, ever fully exterminate it. All we can do is mitigate it, minimize it, and contain it. Which brings us to the big point:

Anyone who claims that they can totally eradicate evil in the world, anyone who claims that they can eradicate crime, eradicate poverty, eradicate illness and eradicate suffering IS A LIAR AND A FIEND. Anyone who claims that they can end all violence is trying to set themselves up over and against God, with the power of life and death over other human beings. Just give all of your guns over to them, and then everything will be utopic – you know, just like Chicago, where all of the law-abiding citizens are disarmed and the murder rate makes Chicago a more deadly place than Afghanistan. Or like Australia, where the citizens were disarmed a little over a decade ago, and where the murder rate subsequently TRIPLED as a result of that disarmament of the law-abiding populace.

Anyone, especially clergy, who argues that disarming the populace will lead to “peace” betray the fact that they are de facto apostates and outright heretics. They prove that they believe THEMSELVES to be the source and generators of “heaven on earth”, they disbelieve the Scriptures which make clear hundreds of times that satan is the prince of this world, and that crime, evil acts, illnesses and poverty will exist in this world until Christ returns in glory to judge it.

They betray the fact that they either do not know what peace is, or they do know and are intentionally deceiving people as to the true meaning of the word. Peace is the perfect and full application of justice. Let me say that again: PEACE is the PERFECT and FULL application of JUSTICE.

Now, I want you to explain to me how there can ever be peace when all of the good, law-abiding citizens are disarmed, and the only people who are armed are the criminals and the tyrannical, psychopathic oligarchs. Please. Enlighten me.

Is it that that your seminary instruction, oh clergy, was so homosexualist, so shallow, so effete and so devoid of any logic or reason that you actually believe that “peace” means “merely quiet”? Or is it that you, in your self-loathing and desperation for money and worldly approval and acceptance, actually WANT this culture to be exterminated, want to see a Marxist tyranny, and want to position yourselves for a seat at that table of power? And are you actually so stupid as to think that you will ever be granted such? Are you so stupid that you don’t even realize that YOU will be betrayed and killed by the very psychopath oligarchs that you lay awake at night mancrushing on and fantasizing about being “friends” with?

They betray the fact that they do not believe in the Golden Rule, which makes our love for our neighbor WHOLLY CONTINGENT ON FIRST LOVING OURSELVES. The most fundamental manifestation of self-love is being willing to defend one’s own life. Any priest or clergy who tells you that you must be disarmed is telling you that Christ’s Blood, shed for you, is meaningless, because you are meaningless and should not even be permitted to defend your own life. That priest or clergy is telling you, in a roundabout way, that he does not believe in the Eucharist – he does not believe than man becomes in himself a tabernacle, physically containing the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in his person, and the dignity thus imparted by such.

The right to physically defend yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow man is utterly fundamental to Christianity. Without the intrinsic dignity of human life, Christianity disintegrates into tyranny. In this world today, self-defense requires firearms. 2000 years ago, the technology of self-defense meant carrying a sword – just as the Apostles themselves wore to the Last Supper, and on to the Garden of Gethsemane. Only Marxists, or those who support Marxist tyrannies, would ever even suggest that man is called to dehumanize and loathe himself by rendering himself unable to defend himself. Only a Marxist demon would claim that man is capable of bringing about “heaven on earth”, and that if a man or group of men is only given enough power, and rendered enough submission, that man can do what God has not yet done: casting into hell satan and all evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

There is only one thing that men of good will can do to in any way offset or mitigate demonic actions like those of James Holmes: love God, themselves, and their fellow man enough to never leave home without a firearm.

2. Which brings us to Holmes himself. I don’t think Holmes is insane per se. Holmes was able to function in graduate school in a very complex field: neuroscience. He had no criminal history up to this point. People who are insane cannot function in society. Words have meaning – don’t let the Marxist media twist words.

I think Holmes is demonically possessed, and that we should all expect to see things like this happen with exponentially increased frequency as satan reacquires the formerly consecrated landmasses of Christendom, namely North America and Europe.

Holmes engaged in at least two activities which are massive “gateways” to demonic possession. Holmes was a drug user, and he consumed pornography. Now, you may be thinking that people have been smoking weed and looking at porn for forty years in the U.S. and it didn’t cause them to be demonically possessed or go shoot up a movie theater. In fact, judging by my readership demographics which is mostly men aged 45-75, I’ll bet many of you reading this both smoked weed and looked at porn when you were younger.

The difference now, and why you were able to maybe “get away” with those sins back in the ’60, ’70s and ’80s is because this landmass was still consecrated ground back then. God was still shedding His grace on us, and we were very much supernaturally protected from the demonic. Even when people would do things like get high on drugs or look at porn, thus throwing open the doors of their hearts to evil, full-on demonic possesion almost never happened because we were being defended.

Not so any longer. This nation and culture has officially told God to get the hell out, and ever the Gentleman, He has indeed withdrawn His overarching, aggregate protection. At this point, many might say, “How could a loving God possibly withdraw Himself and allow satan to destroy people’s lives?”

I would answer with another question: How could a loving God NOT withdraw? How could a loving God NOT exact justice? How could a loving God continue to REWARD a group of people who HATE HIM, and who relish in evil themselves? How could a loving God not chastise those whom He loves? How could a loving God not honor the sovereignty of mankind, since sovereignty and personal freedom is absolutely required for man to love God in return? If we tell God that we hate Him, or are completely indifferent to Him, how could He, loving us infinitely as He does, NOT withdraw, knowing how far gone we are, that the only way we will ever repent is to see what the absence of Him looks and feels like?

If you haven’t read the Old Testament, read it now. The previous paragraph is pretty much the Cliff’s Notes of the Old Testament. You simply cannot understand the New Testament without having a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament. Conversely, the Old Testament not only becomes clear, but becomes incredibly instructive and consoling when read and understood through the lens of the New Testament.

Covers the facts without ignoring history or the real world effects of liberal/progressive policies. I’ll buy into it.

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