Holy Deja Vu! Car Talk, SciFi action, and Presidents Day.

Pope to appoint 22 new cardinals amid Vatican scramble for power

The Pope will appoint 22 new cardinals in a lavish ceremony at the Vatican on Saturday, against a backdrop of leaks, back-stabbing and jostling for power in the Holy See.

Man, this is weird. Last night we started watching season one of “The Borgias”. If you are not familar with that Showtime program, its about the Borgia Pope, father of Cesare Borgia and Lucerzia. It is history against a backdrop of leaks, back-stabbing and jostling for power in the Holy See, is there an echo in here? The episode we watched last night detailed Pope Alexander ( Rodrgio Borgia) packing the Vatican with 13 new Cardinals who would be loyal to the Borgia Pope.


Tom & Ray Magliozzi / Car Talk

The straight poop from the Car Popes. (stretching for it…)

A tale of two presidents: Honor and dishonor in the White House  Fox editorial on the reasons Presidential misbehavior matters.

But the Kennedy and Clinton scandals have more in common than that they involved affairs between a powerful president and a vulnerable intern who worked for them. Kennedy’s reckless behavior with a bevy of beauties carried with it serious national security concerns that shouldn’t be ignored.  Likewise, Clinton’s involvement with Lewinsky has been documented to have carried real dangers of international blackmail.

Three squeezes (from left): Reputed Communist agent Ellen Rometsch, Marilyn Monroe and Judith Exner

Ellen Rometsch, the 27-year-old wife of the military attaché to the West German embassy, had links with East German intelligence. Judith Exner  is reputed to have been an mistress and conduit between the Mob and the Kennedys.

Then there is Monica. No last name needed. Go ahead, google the first name Monica.

During one of her trysts with President Clinton the Air Force office charged with remaining near the president with the “football”  could not find him. In his book, he stated he couldn’t find the president for “some time”.  Good thing the Russian President Boris Yeltsin was a much nicer guy than Putin, all the same, it was better he didn’t know.

Finally, let me cherry-pick a quote that sums the editorial up nicely.

…but that still doesn’t mean we should ignore personal behavior when it places high officials at risk of blackmail or even charges of rank hypocrisy.

After all, only one politician had the authority to issue Executive Order No. 12968in August 1995. It stated that individuals eligible for access to classified material must have a record of “strength of character, trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, discretion, and sound judgment, as well as freedom from conflicting allegiances and potential for coercion.” It was signed by President Bill Clinton. Three months later he began a relationship with a 22-year-old White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Nice, but was she worth it?

Speed dating goes sci-fi at MegaCon

SciFi and Comic Books… is that my second childhood I hear calling?

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