GOP is beating itself to death with its own Primaries.

The GOP is killing itself with it’s primaries. In only a few weeks the first primary will be held in NH. After that its eleven months to the election. Doesn’t it feel like the election season has been going on for almost a year already? Does anyone think we really needed to move the primaries so far forward, since the main result has been to give the media more time to torpedo any decent candidate that decides to run.

By the time we got to the 2008 GOP convention I thought McCain was a RINO and a lousy candidate but he had enough delegates to take the nomination anyway. How about a new rule for the primaries? Add a choice of “None of the Above” and allocate delegates in the proportion of voters that check that off. If in every primary, 10% to 20% of the delegates were siphoned off then the candidate that could win on the first ballot in August ’12 would have to really be a outstanding candidate. And of course we eliminate “Winner Take All” rules in all states.

And for Christ’s sake, lets start moving the primary dates back to where they were when Ronald Reagan was elected!

Ah, forgot one. I’d argue that allowing the votes of non-previously aligned voters during the primaries only allow the liberals to shoot down the conservative candidates they hate (or are afraid of).

Update: Daniel Henninger at the WSJ doesn’t seem too thrilled with the way the primaries work either… The refusal today of the best candidates to answer the call. Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush were all heavily recruited by insiders and donors to get in the race. No dice.

Bring Back the Smoke-Filled Rooms?

His solution is to get rid of all campaign finance laws, not a solution I’d have thought of, but he makes some good points. I think he has less hope of seeing his suggestions enacted than I do, but something has to change. For both of us, the first hurtle is get the majority of conservatives to agree that we are going in the wrong direction and admit that it must be changed.


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