Justin Timberlake? Lions and donkeys, If theres to many lawyers then there must be to many law professors.

My first ever link to a post by Justin Timberlake.

My Night At The Marine Corps Ball

Hey Doug,

Did they have Marines like Corporal Kelsey DeSantis when you were in?

Alison Hume inquiry: A damning verdict, an avoidable death, but no apology – Edinburgh, East & Fife – Scotsman.com

“There is little doubt that the rank-and-file firefighters in attendance were anxious to conduct a rescue as quickly as possible but were prevented from doing so by the superiors.”… Incredibly, Mr Stewart had told the inquiry the operation had a ‘successful outcome’ because the casualty was ultimately removed from the shaft.

“Lions and donkeys. If ever there was a case that demanded that the officers were publicly stripped of their stripes then this is it.”

CBO Director Admits That 2009 Stimulus Will Reduce US GDP

Money into the Government is the same as matter into a Black Hole.

Professor Angry Over Packages for Troops, Calls them “Shameful”

A Suffolk University law professor has issued a blistering e-mail calling plans to collect care packages for U.S. troops “shameful.”  Professor Michael Avery also questioned the intent of an American flag hanging in the law school’s atrium.

Suffolk University is located within the City of Boston, Massachusetts. One of the few (perhaps the only large American city) locales still playing kissy face with the Occupy Kiddies.

Election 2012: Mid-season peek



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1 Response to Justin Timberlake? Lions and donkeys, If theres to many lawyers then there must be to many law professors.

  1. Doug says:

    But i was impressed by his comments, not your everyday holliweird.


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