Launching from Green Harbor in Marshfield MA

Getting access to the water, having a safe place to park the car (that doesn’t cost a arm and leg) and decent conditions at low tide and high tide, I know the visitors to this blog are looking for this information. If you can find fun and interesting places to paddle to within range of your starting point, great! A lot of the areas I’ve been going on this blog have been in the nature of “getting away from it all”, looking for the quiet places with my camera where I can find the migrating birds, swimming muskrat and beaver, unobstructed views of spring flowers or fall foliage.  On this trip I was traveling a busy commercial, sport waterway with many nearby boats, moored, under way, coming and going; Power boats, sailboats, rowboats   kayaks, fishing trawlers and windsurfers. The piers and docks, the breakwater and the cottages. Private beaches, and public ones

Old WWII coastal artillery spotting towers and seaside restaurants.Green Harbor Marshfield

The information I got from the Harbor-masters office is that parking for car-top boaters in the parking lot is good in the single vehicle spaces, do not use the double length spaces which are reserved for vehicles with trailers. Weekends are very busy in the summer and there may not be any single spaces available. At the end of the pier there is a gravel beach where kayaks can be launched at any time of the tide.

I’d like to say that I find the people running Green Harbor the friendliest towards small boaters I encountered so far, as evidenced by this.

A life-jacket loaner rack, honor system. What nice people!

From the gravel beach at the end of the pier; to the right is a tidal salt water estuary and to the left is the channel out to the bay. If you head out the channel and into Cape Cod Bay, at the end of the breakwater you have the choice of going north to Marshfield or south towards Duxbury Beach. I headed north today.

Curious thing. A few minutes north, a RV park on the waters edge. Considering the severity of the winter storms here I would guess that the park is seasonal.

Cormorants, a black bird that fishes by diving into the water and which can spend several minutes swimming underwater catching its prey, perch on the rocks catching the sun.

Coming out from the shore is a natural rock formation, quite popular as a fishing spot since I was a teenager. As these young divers show, tall enough to dive from.More photos of kids diving.


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6 Responses to Launching from Green Harbor in Marshfield MA

  1. Bill Gannon says:

    Thanks for the info. I have been wanting to kayak in this area for a while, and will finally do so this summer.


  2. Recently the Green Harbor area has been plagued with excess seaweed, piling up on the shore and rotting. They have been looking for volunteers to help with the removal, sorry to say that last two weeks I’ve been unable to free up the time.
    I don’t know what the harbor and beaches look like now, if you go drop a word.


  3. Barbarann ONeil says:

    Good afternoon! We are new boat owners living in North Marshfield. Where can we access a list of all available launch sites, what type of sticker we need, fees and costs. Could not find this on Town page or Harbormasters page….Did I miss it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


    • You didn’t say what type or size (kayak, outboard or sail) your new boat is? If this is a power or large sailboat then didn’t the boat dealer (unless this was a private sale) arrange for the registration? And do you plan on launching from a car trailer?
      Which sites are recommended is a function of the size; Kayaks are launch-able anywhere you can park the car and carry it in. Click on my category list on ‘Get launched’. There are no stickers or fees needed for kayaks (and don’t give them any ideas), the issue is the car, every town is different about out of town cars parking in the summer.

      If you can reply with some more detail I’ll be happy to help.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The tower was not to sight artillery. It was made to spot Nazi Uboats. Aka Submarines during WW2. Yes, Hitler had his eye on our coast. Luckily, our men kicked the Sh*t out of him and his forces. But even before we entered the war in 1941, Uboats were spotted of GH.


    • Many of these towers were in fact located within range of our coastal artillery, at the start of the war they were also worried about the Bismark showing up. The tower at Green Harbor was one that was probably placed to watch for submarines interested in the traffic coming from the Cape Cod Canal. At least I’ve never noticed any old gun emplacements.


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