These are my photos… need to do more of this!

Ain't room enough in this saloon for both of us partner

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  1. Suzy says:

    These photos are amazing, and I just have to particularly love the one on the porch in the rain, and of the kids leaping off the high rocks. I’m so exhausted from crying over Andrew Breitbart that I am happy to see such lovely photos presented by someone who feels about America the way I do. No clue where the North River is, but would love to be there myself, but I am your age and no retirement in sight for another 30 yrs. Luckily folks like you can utilize retirement to monitor the frightening actions of this administration and keep us warned and informed.


    • Thank You
      For your appreciation of my work. It reminds me that this is supposed to be a Kayak/Photography Blog, with some other material to fill in during low tide, bad weather and high winds. I really need to be doing more photography!
      Of course this year is special, its so important to push back against the progressives trying to pervert our country.

      The North River is located in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. It runs between the towns of Scituate and Marshfield on the coast, thru the towns of Norwell, Pembroke and Hanover as it travels inland. It is a tidal river, meaning that the river is salt-water mixing with fresh as it goes west. It’s been a windy month since my last outing which has been my excuse for not going out, I should probably brave it anyway.


  2. Chris says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you would be interested in licensing one of your photographs?

    It would be perfect for a project I’m working on. FYI, I found it google imaging ‘rain patio’ after I wasn’t able to find anything like it on any of the stock photo sites.

    Please write back directly to the email I posted with this comment if you’re interested. Thanks!


  3. Cool, goes to show, always have a camera at hand and ready.


  4. cnewbysmack says:

    HA, it sure does! I love that shot 🙂


  5. Rob Hayden says:

    Some of your photos would make great puzzles. You’ve forever captured some nice moments. Thanks for sharing your talent.


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