Waiting period, redefined. Updated.

Update: Got my LTC at the end of October.  Now I’m looking for a gun club that is accepting new members.

I submitted my paperwork for my Firearms License  (LTC)  at my interview with the town police, finally!   Covid !  delayed the town police from scheduling all interviews for firearms licenses.
( I wonder if criminals have to schedule their crimes and/or arrests?)
I paid my $100 license fee, and was fingerprinted, then the officer examined my paperwork; one of the ‘good character’ letters was rejected, from my primary care doctor, because “they don’t except doctors notes”. Well, he is someone I’ve know for over twenty years and I have no other friends I’ve know as long living locally since (oddly) all my other close friends have moved out of state as soon as they retired. And he specifically attested that he has known me very well for a long time and that I had no medical or mental impairment that would prevent me from being a responsible gun owner.
“Nope. Doctor. Not accepted.”
Then there was the matter of residency. I provided my property tax bill, recent gas and electric utility bills, water and sewer bill.
“Not enough. We like to see a mortgage payment or rent receipt”.
But I own the house and paid off the mortgage long ago?
“Well, go down to Town Hall and get a letter stating that you are a registered voter, we like to see that”.

So I go down to the Town Hall and into the Town Clerks office. Explained what I wanted.
“Nope, we have you listed as inactive on the voter list’.
Gee, I voted in the last election ( and every other election, plus worked the polls last year).
“You probably didn’t return the Town Census form, we’ll drop you for that”. “But write a letter to the Clerk and ask to be restored and we’ll get back to you”.

Seriously, could I make this sh*t up?
I’ll keep you apprised


About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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12 Responses to Waiting period, redefined. Updated.

  1. Matthew W says:

    DANG !!!
    It must suck living in a Communist country.
    The bottom line is, they just don’t want you to be safe.


  2. Paulie says:

    That’s common in a lot of coastal towns in Massachusetts. I had a similar experience–not quite as difficult because I went through that BS 20 years ago to get an FID in Weymouth. I ended up getting my LTC very easily because I was working in Avon and the PD there were great.


  3. On days like this I wonder what it is like living in a “Shall Issue” state?

    Proving that it always pays to be polite, as I left I took a moment to make pleasant small talk with the officer and shake his hand before leaving. And at the last bend in the road before my house I came upon a smoking wreck of a car resting sideways on somebodies lawn and people rushing out of their homes to see what happened.
    I wonder where I’d be right now if I hadn’t taken a moment to be polite at the PD?
    BTW, I don’t blame the officer, these things come from the top down. The new Chief of Police in Weymouth must be a ball-buster.


    • pjrae54 says:

      Truthfully, I don’t have an opinion of the current Chief since I haven’t had to interact with the WPD about FID/LTC for myself. I likely will find out fairly soon, though, as the Mrs. has realized that she must engage the process. Yikes; what a world. Florida is looking better all the time.


  4. Stuart says:

    Yet you still live there and finance your own subservience.


    • At some point people are going to have to stop giving up and abandoning their homes to the progressives. If there is one thing Donald Trump taught us is that they can be beaten.


    • pjrae54 says:

      Yes, that’s a real helpful comment coming from someone that has zero idea of the circumstances the rest of us must deal with. Thanks for your insight.


      • To update, I got all the officers ‘requests’ fulfilled; voter status, copy of the cars excise tax bill another ‘Character’ letter and dropped them off.
        I have been told to expect to hear back on my application and the type of license they decide to allow me… in about four months.

        I may be heading down to Hunter’s Trading Post to buy myself a Christmas present.


  5. David J. Barrus says:

    Texans can carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1, after Gov. Greg Abbott signed the permitless carry bill into law. – What are you waiting for, John? I left MA seven years ago this week. No mask mandate and you can carry a gun. That’s FREEDOM!


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