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Good News? Robots can fight with Katanas now.


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(long) QOTD: Nation founded by geniuses and run by idiots.

Only in our present clown world can a group hijack four commercial airliners, killing thousands of people, and then magically transform into not just an oppressed minority but an exalted one almost overnight. The more of us they rape, maim, … Continue reading

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How To Make a Survival Spear

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A glimmer of light on the nuclear horizon.

Congress passes bipartisan bill to boost advanced nuclear energy The House voted Friday to make it easier to deploy advanced nuclear reactors. The bipartisan bill, approved by voice vote, is aimed at boosting nuclear energy and would modernize the federal … Continue reading

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True Story

When I was in High School, that summer I had a job at the airport installing runway lights; threading pipe and pulling wire. The company had an old line truck with a A-frame boom and a manual winch. Two rows … Continue reading

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QOTD: Genders

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Greener Planet.

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Ebola isn’t dead, it’s roaring back stronger than before!

Ebola, with no precautions, in the wild, doubles every 21 days, on average. Ebola in the US, with full infectious disease precautions and hazmat gear, doubled in 21 days. Then we put all infectees into Level IV hazmat isolation. That, … Continue reading

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Well that didn’t work…more stories from the socialist apocalypse.

Fox News – Venezuelans regret gun ban, ‘a declaration of war against an unarmed population’ … 28,000 people were murdered in 2015 compared to 6,500 in 2001, the year before Chavez came to power

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QOTD: Obamacare memories.

One of the implicit objectives of Obamacare was to gouge the citizenry to pay for illegal aliens’ free medical care. Woodpile Report

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