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Happy thought!

I can’t wait until Granny, on her death bed, marries her favorite granddaughter, and the IRS watches all that Estate Tax money just drifting away into the sunset – instead of into the IRS coffers. Two same-sex anyones even when … Continue reading

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Caught ya!


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Death of politics.

Useless to rail against reality, I’m going to take my repaired knee out and take more pictures. To hell with who is president in 2017, who will be the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 2018? I took that bottom … Continue reading

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The Weight of US history is against it.

Scalia leads scathing dissent on ObamaCare ruling, dubs law ‘SCOTUScare’ The firebrand conservative justice delivered one of the most scathing and linguistically creative dissents in recent memory. In a 21-page rebuttal, Scalia and two other justices tore into the Affordable … Continue reading

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Mrs. Peel, we’re needed!

Dapper and discreet, Avengers gentleman who charmed us all: Bowler-hatted star Patrick Macnee dead at 93 Sitting up at night, wiggling the rabbit ears (Huh?) and being enthralled by the wonderful and often outrageous stories from Old Blighty. They should … Continue reading

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If it was Che’, it would be insensitive. (Updated)

To all those governors rushing to kowtow to the SJW on the over one hundred and forty year old tradition of flying the flag of the Confederacy by ordering, by executive fiat, those historical emblems be torn down.  Bye-bye!  Someone … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease

Back to slurping down big pills full of anti-biotic for the next two weeks. Lyme Disease… again.    Third time in ten years.  Not surprising, I haven’t seen a dog and only one or two cats in the yard in many … Continue reading

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Cast Iron

Food Thread: Ironworker Edition [CBD] —Open Blogger “Commenter (mostly lurker) Lando034 has done something wonderful with his new cast-iron pans after his vintage pans were “lost” by the movers. But first some background on cast iron cookware.” Terrific article on … Continue reading

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Woman to replace Hamilton on $10 bill.

That decision is totally unnecessary! Because Alexander Hamilton thought of himself as a Woman!

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Marine Corps resurrects name of legendary elite units

Now, an elite branch of the U.S. Marine Corps will officially be known as Raiders. The Marines will rename several special operations units as Marine Raiders at a ceremony Friday, resurrecting a moniker made famous by World War II units … Continue reading

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