Cousin views “Deflategate” from Georgia…the country, not the state.

I have a cousin from New Hampshire who is living and working in the country of Georgia (Stalin’s birthplace) as a teacher.  He sends emails home with stories of his adventures and observations.   This is his viewpoint on “Deflategate”.

It just occurred to me that Sunday will be February 1st. It’s kinda hard to believe I’ve been here almost 3 months. The time is kinda flying, actually. February is a short month, too, because if I’m not mistaken this is a “leap year”, which of course means that you leap through February as if it was a shorter month. It’s also my birthday in February, I think. I know so many people with birthdays in February I can’t quite remember if I’m one of them. If so….hooray!
Oh that reminds me…is this weekend Super Bowl Sunday or is that the following week? I honestly don’t know. All I know is that when I go to Yahoo to check email I see lots of headlines implying that Bill Belichick has some kind of problem with his balls, and the NFL is going to investigate those balls of his. Some of the headlines seem to imply that his balls are not inflated enough. However, whenever I read headlines on a worthless propaganda rag like Yahoo, I most often assume that what they’re telling me is the exact opposite of the truth, so I can safely assume that in reality Bill Belichick has perfectly inflated balls, if not overly inflated ones. Very probably Tom Brady does too.

Okay enough about balls. In fact I think there are few things on Earth that are even stupider to think about or debate about than God damned footballs being deflated. I can picture rabid Colts fans and rabid Patriot fans foaming at the mouth and screaming at each other about whether or not the balls were inflated properly, very nearly coming to violence at each other over it, while politicians and bankers stand behind them and laugh their heads off at them while quietly stealing the money out of their pockets. Oh my God. If I had any artistic talent, I’d draw a cartoon of that vision, but unfortunately I suck at drawing, in addition to lots of other things. I also totally suck at playing the French horn, most likely because I don’t own one and never took a lesson.

Oh well, sorry about belittling “deflate gate” or whatever it is.

My opinion is, he nailed it.

This is the Georgian family he is staying with this year…

xmas in Georgia

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