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Quick note on Ebola in Africa: Updated

Three thousand American Military (probably engineers) are beginning to build dozens of hospitals in Africa to hold Ebola patients.  (No questions are being asked about why those nations didn’t build those hospitals with the aid money given for that purpose … Continue reading

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After “Surprising” comes “Shocking”

Electricity rate spike ‘shocking’ Electric rates (In New England) are headed north this winter, with dramatic hikes of 37 percent for homes and 75 percent for large businesses (In Massachusetts)— “shocking” 
increases that consumer and retail advocates say come at … Continue reading

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There are no new jokes.

Rabbits………………. Leading drug companies have announced that White Rabbits will no longer be used in scientific experiments. Muslims will now be used instead. There are three reasons for this change… A top scientist has stated that the advantages of using … Continue reading

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Here’s a post that hit a responsive chord…

I’ve seen this on several different blogs.   So why am I also posting it?  So I can reprint my comment from American Digest on my own blog (I’m doing too much commenting on other peoples sites lately and not enough … Continue reading

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I hear you.

Scott Stantis by Scott Stantis

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I Bike, I Hate Trucks!

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This is what I got for a $300 water bill.

Started from seeds, Four O’clock flowers. It’s been a lousy year for cucumbers and the tomatoes have been slow to ripen but we’ve still made a lot of salads from fixings from the garden.  The herbs in the porch planters … Continue reading

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Remember this?

SWAT team murders 107-year-old man at home Amsterdam News The family and friends of Monroe Isadore conducted a memorial this past Sunday at 13th and Pine streets in Pine Bluff, Ark To the police, to the “special” prosecutor this is … Continue reading

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Doug: Today’s Jokes and the Tattoo sweeping Europe

And …The Tattoo that is sweeping Europe!

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