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Eye test

    Five points if you noticed that her stockings don’t match. Advertisements

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Bare Ass Firefighting

At the blog  Knuckledraggin My Life Away  Ken had a post on how he lost his last few cars.   I can’t top his efforts for carnage, but I think I can top him for humiliation. How I lost my last … Continue reading

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Ann Rand moment

Why Private Companies May Stop Taking Incidental Government Contracts In March, a new regulation took effect that all contractors with anything larger than a $50,000 a year contract with the government must go through an expensive affirmative action planning process … Continue reading

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The American Obit

In this country everyone reads far too many “tweets“, 140 character expositions comprised of banal expressions of what everybody else is thinking that prove the old adage, “If everybody is thinking the same thing, then nobody is thinking“. Concurrently, the … Continue reading

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Still not a gun blog presents, the perfect comeback!

What a great comeback to a typical, modern, politically correct idiot journalist… Stupid Question… Excellent Answer! For those that don’t know him, Major General Peter Cosgrove is an Australian. General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio recently. Read his reply … Continue reading

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The Answer is that we are bone-deep stupid, lazy POS that don’t deserve this country.

That’s the answer to the question; Why haven’t any incumbents lost even one primary this year? Americans might be mad as hell at Congress—but they’re going to keep taking it. Consider these two facts: 1: Congressional approval is at 11 … Continue reading

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Doug: Some of best aerial combat fighting tactics witnessed by a fighter pilot was above his corn field.

This came from a gent who runs a 2,000-acre corn farm up around Barron, WI, not far from Oshkosh. He used to fly F-4Es and F-16s for the Guard, and participated in the first Gulf War. His story: I went … Continue reading

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Loose Goose

As I’ve mentioned it is a quirk of the avian species that when I’m trying to photograph them on the river (where they are faster than I) any closer than 100 yards and they are off.   Often, on land, (where … Continue reading

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Word “Pussy” is now retired as a insult.

The dismissive disparagement of referring to a gutless, easily frightened man as a “pussy” is being retired. PS… The dog that bit the little boy was taken to the Animal Control and due to the fact that it continued to … Continue reading

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Oh for crying out loud! Fencing banned at College?

University weapons policy forces fencing club from campus Despite having no pointed tips or sharp blades, NDSU classifies the club’s equipment as weapons. The university doesn’t permit the use of weapons on campus. As such, the club is currently practicing … Continue reading

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