Tale of two Blondes.

If you thought you knew the details of the Andrew Wakefield vaccine-autism scandal, think again.

We’re pretty sure that by now you’re at least somewhat familiar with the fraudulent (and supremely damaging) “research” done (made up, really) by Andrew Wakefield — the former physician whose license was revoked in the UK — which claimed there was a link between a children’s vaccine and autism. It is impossible to calculate the number of illnesses and preventable deaths caused by this sordid affair, but it must be enormous. Even today—long after the fraud was thoroughly exposed—some people still cling to their beliefs that vaccines cause autism.

Few people know this story better than Michael Shaw, who not only has the story down cold, but has provided us with what is arguably the best source to provide a clear,  in-depth assessment of the investigation of this research to the eventual retraction of the Wakefield paper—the actual three-part investigative report written by Brian Deer, a reporter for The Sunday Times of London, who won the British equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize (twice) for his work in this area.

Shaw, who runs his own blog Shaw’s EcoLogic, and is also a regular contributor to the enormously popular HealthNewsDigest, has written about this scandal before. He does not mince words.

He says, “For all the great work that Brian Deer did on the Wakefield matter, even he did not portray this as the absolute disaster that it is.  Public health has been set back decades, if the entire notion of vaccination–uncontested since Edward Jenner’s work of the late 18th century–is being subject to a constant stream of absurd attacks.  Josef Mengele would be so proud.  Wakefield and Horton belong in prison.

We wish he would tell us how he really feels.

We highly recommend you read the full text of Deer’s investigation, presented in three parts.  can be found here.   It will make you sick.

It is a wonder to me that so many people still believe that vaccines are harmful, especially to children. More, they believe it is a deliberate plot.   The same soda heads that accept from their dear leader that mercury in lightbulbs (and dangerous levels of UV radiation) are wonderful, the wave of the future and mandated (of course).  They can turn around and gasp in horror at microscopic levels of mercury compounds used to stabilize vaccines and enable the mixing of multiple strains of anti-viral shots together safely.

Blonde Menace

To this day, the post on this blog receiving the highest attention and it’s attached images getting the closest scrutiny is Ah Shit! which features erotic pictures of the dumbest blonde on the face on the earth, Jenny McCarthy.

My blonde pleasure person is the (only half-baked) trollop, Pamela Anderson.   Ms. Anderson’s delusion involves animals and animal rights.  And in my book stripping to the skin to persuade me to stop eating meat (fat chance) is greatly preferable to Ms. McCarthy shrieking on the talk shows about things Ms. McCarthy does not understand and convincing her even stupider fans to not vaccinate their children. The latter results in dead and crippled children.

So let’s hear it for Pamela!

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