Wind, Blow me!

Winds knock out power to thousands on South Shore

Hurricane-force winds blew down trees, limbs and power lines across the South Shore in the predawn hours today, closing numerous streets and cutting power to thousands of local customers.

The Blue Hills Observatory reported a wind gust of 81 miles an hour.

As of 7 a.m., National Grid reported 8,998 customers without power, most of them in the Brockton area. Norwell had 2,949 without power early this morning. NStar reported 3,895 power failures from Canton to Plymouth. NStar had 949 customers without power in Carver and 249 in Kingston.

Police and fire departments in almost every community from Quincy to Carver reported trees, limbs and power lines down.

Weymouth was the hardest hit, with four prolonged street closings on Vernon Street, Homestead Avenue, Commercial Street and Sutton Street.

Quincy, Marshfield and Kingston also reported brief street closings.

No Shit…

IMG_0723 flag bracket

Somethings missing, Time to go looking for the flags.


There’s the bracket, flag was nearby.

IMG_0726 neighbors porch

I guess he should have used more glue. Privacy wall on porch gone with the Wind.

IMG_0719 garage roof

My garage roof is now a few shingles short of a full roof.


Marks the spot where the wind was strongest.

IMG_0720 dead tree edition

A miss is as good as a mile, the dead tree was just one foot to short to hit the garage.

Winds of this strength and duration were not forecast. I heard 25 mph, weather station at Blue Hills recorded 81 mph.

The strangest thing of all, the bicycle was fastened to the porch railing with a bike lock with a half inch cable. The bike fetched up against the far porch railing, ass akimbo, the bike lock is gone. Thats not something I would have said was going to blow away. But it did.

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  1. FYI, the bike lock was never found. On the other hand, it was more aerodynamic than the new Iranian Stealth Fighter!!!


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