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Bill Whittle

Doug, I’ll see your Nigel Paul Farage and raise you one… Bill Whittle

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Doug: DAS!

This just in……………….. Doug I thought you might appreciate this Subject: F-35…Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System (DAS) And this is only what they are telling us about… This is an electronic shield around an aircraft that alerts and protects… Right out … Continue reading

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Some people got a lot of snow.

From Miss Red Muses…  

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Not the America I grew up in.

..the price of eternal vigilance is liberty. Think about it.

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Harder to grin…

What a week..

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As I’ve said before, USA/Enema, MA/The Tube.

Outrage after (Massachusetts) woman flashes middle finger at Arlington National Cemetery and posts photo to Facebook to brag about it I wonder if this piece of shit is a Kennedy? Comes from Cape Cod you know.  I hate my state.  … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter, she’s hot and I totally agree with her…

Demographics is destiny I’ve been screaming about this for years… Under Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act, our immigration policy changed from one that replicated the existing ethnic population to one that strictly favored unskilled immigrants from the third world. Since … Continue reading

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Doug: Greymouth, New Zealand.

Wanna go fishing? Two fishing vessels brave the Grey River bar in full flood. Greymouth, New Zealand HD Video by Geoff Mackley and Bradley Ambrose For full screen… John: I was wondering where Greymouth was…

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A Four Hour Trip, a four hour trip…

Got free of all my entanglements today, so I went on a long November paddle.  Tonight I’m too pooped to do much photo editing, but glancing through the images I liked this one. Have anyone wondered why I often shoot … Continue reading

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The Tide is High.

Very High.  I haven’t checked yet to see how it stacks up in the record books but it’s definitely higher than I personally can remember.  Normal high tides are 8 to 10 ft. (Tide heights today; Cohasset 11.38 ft, Scituate … Continue reading

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