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Rare metals shortage could threaten high-tech innovation Take gallium as an example. Gallium is a small byproduct of mining bauxite and zinc, but it has become a critical component for technologies such as lasers, energy-efficient LED lighting and solar panels. … Continue reading

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While Winters Winds begin to blow.

This pleasant, mild winter continues. This the first year that the Kayaks haven’t been put away for the season by now and I would have been out today except for the winds which were 25mph on the coast.  So I … Continue reading

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NAZI’S! MOP a Dope, Don’t Panic.

Watch the Trailer For ‘Iron Sky:’ Nazis Attack From the Moon Will there never be a day when the Nazi menace is finally laid to rest? Actually, this one looks like fun. Mindless, escapist fun. I hope they don’t screw … Continue reading

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The October Strategy is shaping up.

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran Dig, Baby! Dig! As I looked at this post, started Saturday morning, and after watching the evening news which had what I always call a seed story. That is a story that will continue … Continue reading

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BBBBBRRRRRRRPPPPP At Maggies Farm, love the title to the post, which is about WWII automatic weapons, American vs. German. Includes a period Army training film thats first rate, and the comments following the post are very good. (Yep, comments can’t … Continue reading

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The Devil you know, Books, eBooks, and Cabals.

Newt Gingrich didn’t win South Carolina – Mitt Romney lost it The view from England. The writer sat in with a party for religious conservatives when the South Carolina results came in. What he observed was not happy, happy for … Continue reading

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A Little Humour

My Tax Return…………. IRS sent my Tax Return back! AGAIN!!! I guess it was because of my response to the question: “List all dependents.” I replied – “12 million illegal immigrants; “3 million crack heads; “42 million unemployable people on … Continue reading

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Walker, Unions and Concealed Carry

It’s Working in Walker’s Wisconsin The governor’s controversial labor reforms are already saving taxpayers millions. This is the same Governor Scott Walker that the Wisconsin Unions are trying to recall from office, for the selfsame crime of saving the WI … Continue reading

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Wuterich Vindicated (UPDATE: The Plea) (UPDATE: The Sentence and Media Reaction)

Wuterich Vindicated (UPDATE: The Plea) Frank Wuterich agreed this morning to accept a prosecution offer of pleading guilty to one count of dereliction of duty, with relatively minor penalty. “Dereliction of duty” is such a broad count that it can … Continue reading

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Caution: Massive Solar Flare could effect the Earth.

Charles Boyers Gears Planes expected to reroute following massive solar eruption An immense blast of plasma spewed late Sunday night from the sun led to the strongest radiation storm bombarding our planet since 2005, and a rare warning from the … Continue reading

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