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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Václav In the last years of his presidency, Havel’s political opponents ridiculed him as a naïve moralist. Many ordinary Czechs, on the other hand, had come to dislike him not only for what seemed like relentless moralizing, but also because … Continue reading

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A Word on Incandescent Light Bulbs Here’s an enlightening “Smackdown” sequence in which Rand Paul challenges a smarmy Obama energy bureaucrat named Kathleen Hogan. It’s a telling exchange. When Paul points out, with devastating logic, that Obama’s policies are coercive … Continue reading

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British: Wherever You Are.

For all military families. Out Tomorrow: Wherever You Are (Military Wives with Gareth Malone) Official Video Amazon Oops! Out tomorrow is in Britain, in the Colonies it’s Dec. 27th.

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Modern Digital Nativity

Good morning All. Enjoy D Merry (Digital, Modern-Day) Christmas! This is DIFFERENT! Get your eyeballs in gear! This is fast, but oh, so clever!! You can watch it several times & see more each time. This is REALLY a sign … Continue reading

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Global Warming Kerfuffle (reposted from 2011, still timely)

Many years ago, my late wife Donie and I were watching a network news show (back when we still had some vestige of belief in their offerings) that was announcing the discovery popularization of Anthropogenic Global Warming and to illustrate … Continue reading

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Important post on Coyote Blog: Environmentalist Stick-Up

Environmentalist Stick-Up Watch the video, follow the link, show it to everyone you can. From the comments: Stan/Tx: Fracturing: The correct term is “fracturing” not “fracking”. Fracking is a made up word created by the environmental community and journalist that … Continue reading

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None of the above, Taxes, bad Soros, evil Soros.

So why am I NOT a Republican?   Because the Republican Party for the last ten years behaved in why that could not be differentiated from the Democrats. And the Democrats behaved like Bolsheviks. Not All Taxes Are “Bad” Taxes I … Continue reading

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USMC: Holiday message from the Commandant 2011

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Movie recommendation: Devils Double.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: LFM Sundance Review of The Devil’s Double & Dominic Cooper as Uday Hussein Here is a chance to plug a movie and a web site, both of which I admire. The movie which came out almost a year … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage: On the Titanic

Britain To Quit The European Union? London, England  

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