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Fall on the upper North River

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Heck with woolly bears, 2 inches of snow in Oct is a pruty good sign of a harsh winter!

Lets see, October 30th. Winter is still a month away. Why I remember back in ’05 I put a in anew lawn in November and was still watering it the week before Christmas. This year may be different… Farewell fresh … Continue reading

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Cartoons, stooges of the left.

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Things are going to slow down here.

Its been over six months that I’ve been doing this blog, and frankly I don’t think its worth it. It’s not so much the traffic, though that isn’t great it was growing slowly until this last two weeks, but the … Continue reading

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Jindal bells, Jindal bells, Rage<age, joke

Jindal: Four. More. Years Move over NY-19, Jindal sweeps governor race. If the Dems screw up bad enough, the people of a state will kick them out. The Democratic party in LA is dead. Rage On—and on and on… “On … Continue reading

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Will there always be a England?, A murder in Africa, EU=PU, Jack Daniels.

Britain can’t save Europe, but we might still save ourselves The European Union’s time is running out, will Britain and Germany save themselves? I hope so. A disabled French woman kidnapped from her Kenyan holiday home by Somali gunmen died because … Continue reading

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Evil, America has talent, Romney=scary, London riots.

Connecticut Home Invasion Killer Claims to Have Murdered 17 People, According to Prison Letter Evil is, Evil does exist. Evil is very real in some people. From the story on Steve Haynes; “The letter attributed to Hayes and quoted by … Continue reading

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