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Thursday News

JERRY POURNELLE has a new, WordPress-powered site. CNN says Chevrolet Volt tech is “obsolete” compared to Toyota Prius Plug-in No brainer, base price $10,000 less and highway mileage 51mpg vs. 32mpg.. China Interested in Canada’s Oil While the U.S. dithers … Continue reading

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Wednesday News

Fiscal Uncertainty in Washington Shakes Small Business Confidence Thousands of small business owners realize we are all in the hands of idiots and they are standing pat. Obama Administration Pulls the Plug on Stealth Survey of Doctors   EU  warns … Continue reading

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Should I or shouldn’t I? (polls closed, insufficient votes)

Rule 5: The Science Is Settled I used to publish a newsletter (on-line) and sprinkled in with the news and interesting bits some photos of beautiful women. All the readers on the distribution list were guys. I’ve avoided adding any … Continue reading

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Tuesday News

The organized silencing of a man publicly burned to death. Thomas Ball, remember that name. This is your brain, this is your brain on CFL’s Brilliant! Ohio’s Lost Decade, and Its New Hope Can John Kasich and Tea Party activists … Continue reading

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Luddam’s Ford in Hanover and Duxbury’s Power Point Bridge

Beautiful Day today, would have been a sin not to get on the water. Fortunately no one in my family needed their hand held. First stop was Luddam’s Ford Park in Hanover. Off Elm St. on the other side of … Continue reading

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Quote of the day from Advice Goddess.

1. “Only two things have made flying safer: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers.“ 2. I’d rather live in a free society than a “safe” one.

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Netherlands abandoning multiculturalism

In a landmark turnabout, one of the cornerstones of contemporary liberalism is being rejected by one of the fountainheads of liberalism. The politically correct doctrine of multiculturalism is heading for decline, as Holland, one of the most socially liberal societies … Continue reading

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The death of Tom Ball

Last statement sent to Sentinel from self-immolation victim No press coverage about this, why? Go and read his last statement (link above), if that post is taken down let me know, I saved the text.

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Friday News

President Obama’s Terrible Mistake Posted By Blackfive • [June 23, 2011] The President addressing the 10th Mountain Division today at Fort Drum: “First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to … Continue reading

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Thursday News

36 items of Americana… I knew them all, how about you? American Digest From Britain, Homeowners arrested for stabbing burgler. No right of self defense in Blighy. From Russia: Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up … Continue reading

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