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Ladies and Gentlemen I took time off from this years garden to buy a new PC

Taa Da!

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Memorial Day 2011

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Tuesday Headlines

Report: Fewer Died in Haiti Earthquake Than Previously Thought Hospitals Hunt Substitutes as Drug Shortages Rise  overarching problem is that fewer and fewer manufacturers produce these older, cheaper generic drugs, especially the harder-to-make injectable ones Muslim Teen Killed for appearing … Continue reading

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Remember the Big Dig?

from the Herald, don’t read this if you have no choice and must drive through these tunnels. State tossing millions at ongoing Dig leak problems By Hillary Chabot  |   Tuesday, May 31, 2011  |  |  Local Coverage State transportation workers are struggling to plug … Continue reading

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GE’s Big Profits Beefing Up Other Countries: Less Confidence in US Investing

General Electric (GE) is using it’s huge non-U.S. profits to invest in other countries. Six other corporations, including Intel, are doing the same. All seven sit on Obama’s advisory council for jobs and competitiveness. Robert Reich says it’s a “sure … Continue reading

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On writing

Read what Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske had to say about the Naval Institute in Proceedings, Vol. 45 No. 192, February 1919: One of the factors which has handicapped the Naval Institute has been a curious shyness about writing articles … Continue reading

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