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Can you see what I see.

Ready to sit down at Thanksgiving Dinner with my left-wing family.

But, No. I’m not really eating T-day with my sisters.  No.

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Wall Street Journal

Had to cancel the WSJ.  It’s a little expensive but that wasn’t the problem.  Reading all the weeks papers took up to much time but that wasn’t the problem.  Got a real long trek from the house to the street … Continue reading

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Marconi Beach in Wellfleet

October 2, 2015; 4:04 PM ET While Hurricane Joaquin is no longer expected to make landfall in the United States, coastal flooding, gusty winds and rounds of rain will occur in part of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Making it a … Continue reading

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Blood Moon! (Kudos to the Moon’s new PR agent)

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Death of politics.

Useless to rail against reality, I’m going to take my repaired knee out and take more pictures. To hell with who is president in 2017, who will be the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 2018? I took that bottom … Continue reading

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Flash! First Robin of Spring.

Pretty late for this area.  But for a ground forager; frozen ground, several feet of snow still covering everything and what should be open water is ice.  Took a later flight North, I guess. Didn’t come near the house either, … Continue reading

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Hosed (updated for Palm Sunday)

On the morning before Palm Sunday we woke up to more Global Warming… As you can guess by the bird tracks on the porch, we feed the birds over the winter.   The only guests we’ve had. Happy Palm Sunday and … Continue reading

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