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Can you see what I see.

Nature is playing catch up!

First blooms.  They just popped!  No slow unfolding this year. The blue flowers are something that Donie planted, she didn’t live to see them make flowers.

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Loose Goose

As I’ve mentioned it is a quirk of the avian species that when I’m trying to photograph them on the river (where they are faster than I) any closer than 100 yards and they are off.   Often, on land, (where … Continue reading

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The thought occurs to me

Chinese experts ‘in discussions’ over building high-speed Beijing-US railway ‘China-Russia-Canada-America line’ would run for 13,000km across Siberia and pass under Bering Strait through 200km tunnel As the story says, the Chinese didn’t say that they had talked to the Russian … Continue reading

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WWII Valour in the Pacific National Monument, Personal.

Well worth watching…   Pearl Harbor: This is what takes place after the tourists have gone for the day.     Did you know that the Arizona Memorial is located within the boundaries of the WWII Valour in the Pacific … Continue reading

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You gotta be kidding me!

Forsythia finally blooming, not as full or as many blossoms as in the past, but still, I have to trim around the Happy Bear Wind Chime.   Wait, only five chimes?  And a dangling broken string, lost one.  Must be on … Continue reading

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****SPOILER**** Game of Thrones

Can I ask you something?  See what I did here, or up above,  a Spoiler Alert.  Very simple. So why the hell can’t the print and on-line newspapers, on-line journals,  emails from Tor (and it seems) the backs of the … Continue reading

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Trash pickup successful…coyote still there if you want it.

Nice to finally feel well enough to get out and do something useful.  So on last Saturday, before today’s return of Winter, we gathered along the banks of the North River and picked up trash.

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NSRWA river cleanup 2014

NSRWA’s 2014 River Clean Up Day Saturday April 12, 2014 Schedule of events: 10 am – 12 pm NSRWA’s  Annual Clean Up There will be captains at each clean up station (see list below)to give you instructions and trash bags. … Continue reading

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Got back to photography today: The Kayak Launch Area Report.

So, where to begin.  Down the road to Weymouth Landing State Ramp, six weeks ago the ice was pretty bad. Today, O.K.   But I’m shocked at how fast this ramp, it’s stonework mainly, is deteriorating.  Big pieces have already fallen … Continue reading

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Tale of two Blondes.

If you thought you knew the details of the Andrew Wakefield vaccine-autism scandal, think again. We’re pretty sure that by now you’re at least somewhat familiar with the fraudulent (and supremely damaging) “research” done (made up, really) by Andrew Wakefield … Continue reading

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