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Doug: Winslow AZ

Winslow Indian Health Center 1992-1994 with August 1992 Gallup Pow-Wow pictures and…….the Code Talkers. SF Doug  

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Their efforts bare fruit; The Jenny McCarthy Dipshit Brigade.

Granola-Crunching, ‘Whole Foods’ Leftists Helping Measles Outbreak Become National Epidemic Get your child vaccinated. It’s ridiculously safe and helps keep the disease in check, my god. See, “Anti-Vaccine Parents Boost Measles Comeback.” Also, “Affluent Leftists Dominate the Ranks of Anti-Vaxxers, … Continue reading

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Boston Subway train fire, time for another story

Catherine Groux @CatherineGroux Follow Train filled with smoke as an angry mob broke windows to get people out. You’ve outdone yourself @MBTA. #boston 9:33 AM – 29 Jan 2015 Passengers Claim to Have Smashed Boston Train Windows to Escape Smoke … Continue reading

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This man is stupid

In 2004, when we were rebuilding after a house fire, we sold a condo in Hawaii.   My wife had no interest in moving to Hawaii after we retired, so we sold it. And stayed in Massachusetts.  And today three feet … Continue reading

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Happy New Year…Bleech!

In the New Year (Year 7 of the One) I’ve been looking at the bills… New Year, new rates for Gas (25% increase) and Electric (41% increase). New Year, new property tax at $200 increase per quarter. And continuing and … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

Since last year a friend returned a copy of a picture we gave them years ago, the original of this photo was lost in the house fire, including the negative. From a trip we made to Hawaii to visit Donie’s … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry! You didn’t realize that was the whole point?

FCC official warns Obama-backed net neutrality plan would bring ‘immediate’ Internet tax “Consumers of these services would face an immediate increase in their Internet bills,” O’Reilly said Friday during the seminar held by the non-partisan Free State Foundation. “Let’s accept … Continue reading

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