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Waiting for Godot.

Conversations while waiting for the deliveryman delivery-person. I bought a used Nikon D90 camera to replace the only seven or eight year old Nikon D70s I bought after the Great Fire destroyed all my film cameras and forced me to … Continue reading

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Bike & Camera, finally.

Finally felt like going out on the bicycle around the neighborhood, with one of the cheap digital cameras hanging from my neck. Did better on the medium hills than I feared.  Biking isn’t bothering the back, fingers crossed. And to … Continue reading

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1000 is Big and Round.

Since I started this Blog in April 2011 I’ve written and posted…err? Less than 1000 posts? OK, quick calculation shows I’ve done 916 posts meaning that my co-contributor Doug will be indicted  credited with 84. However, Doug’s total “views” is … Continue reading

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Can I buy you lunch?: update, Pay it Forward.

Against Compassion “Compassion can never be made compulsory and cash-flow positive at the same time.” Over at American Digest, an archived post from 2009 but re-opened for new (Obie 2nd term) comments.  It resurrected an old memory. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Many thanks Tom.

In the last century, I had a subscription to Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute. Much of it was highly technical, but some articles were fascinating and the letter columns were filled with anecdotes by US Navy personnel, active duty … Continue reading

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And I’ll drink some beer, too.

Oktoberfest! Yay! The one good thing about the shortened days and cooling temps. To hell with the museums and castles of Europe, there is only one thing in Europe I want to see…

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My health status, updated.

The MRI shows a spinal cyst, fluid pressure on the L4 which is causing the pain and weakness in the legs…So A spinal procedure is indicated, in other words…the needle.

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Been one of those days.

Finally, Hi Doug…

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Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

My dear wife would have been 61 years old. On Saturday, it would have been our 39th Anniversary. Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. It would have been, it would have been.

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NYC 911, my two cents.

Maker of city’s new 911 computer system has history of failure So far, New York’s $88 million computer-aided dispatch system by Alabama-based Intergraph Corp. (ICAD) has crashed four times in three days. I spent forty years in Telecom and 911 … Continue reading

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