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March 1st… Yay! I hope.

And finally, it is a modern seasonal custom to display the images of girls in Bikinis (or less) to conjure up powerful sympathetic magic hastening the oncoming of warmer weather… (Pssst, Doug!  This is the one you asked for!)

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Democrats, no doubt.

Until the knee is healed from the surgery, I’m limited to taking photos of the house and yard. Remember, don’t feed birds bread during the winter.  There aren’t enough calories, they can starve with full stomachs.

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Snow and Rain tomorrow, clear the roof.

I think when I get the bill I’ll need a good stiff drink… Nah!  No stiff drink… now I can’t afford it.   Just kidding, it’s worth every penny.  These guys did a great job. Boy! Do I hate winter!!!

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Winter 2015

The first big storm at the end of January was a surprise and I thought that we had gotten a lot of snow. The day after I cleared the driveway and turn-around I fell down the stairs and had to … Continue reading

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Please stop talking about Global Warming before there are glaciers bearing down on us!

I called to cancel the home health aid for Mary from Elder Services since the driveway is blocked with too much snow.  The guy called back to suggest I call the local Council on Aging about help getting the driveway … Continue reading

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Cousin views “Deflategate” from Georgia…the country, not the state.

I have a cousin from New Hampshire who is living and working in the country of Georgia (Stalin’s birthplace) as a teacher.  He sends emails home with stories of his adventures and observations.   This is his viewpoint on “Deflategate”. It … Continue reading

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“The Masters of the Olympics prefer a police-state environment”

What the International Olympic Committee Looks for in a Host City Hint: It’s not a restrained police force. I spoke with someone connected to the International Olympic Committee who told me that Boston has rocketed to the top of their … Continue reading

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