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Will the LEO continue to defend the Progressives when they are getting their brothers killed?

Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops as ‘revenge’ for Garner In Ferguson, in NYC and anywhere or anytime hoodlum scum are killed as a result of their own actions, if that scum is black then the failed Negro community immediately starts the … Continue reading

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Pravda y’all

Shooters and Looters………………..from Rico Chuckie Hagel was fired because he wouldn’t ‘swallow’ this one: Now, unlawful enemy combatants are unprivileged enemy belligerent – significant because they do not have standing under Geneva Conventions. Eric dickHolder’s replacement was hired because she … Continue reading

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Liberals ain’t laughing. It’s Poppy Sunday.

Israeli Holiday… Barack Huessin Obama, not feeling well and concerned about his health and mortality, goes to consult a psychic about the date of his death. Closing her eyes and looking into the future she says “You will die on … Continue reading

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15 Reasons Why Americans Think We’re Still in a Recession The American Dream, Gone To depressing to comment on… this is the money shot (or chart)

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Happy Halloween

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Who else needs a laugh?

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