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Quick note on Ebola in Africa

Three thousand American Military (probably engineers) are beginning to build dozens of hospitals in Africa to hold Ebola patients.  (No questions are being asked about why those nations didn’t build those hospitals with the aid money given for that purpose years ago.)  However the Australians aren’t coming…

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Australian Health and Defense Departments had both advised that Australia could not safely evacuate Australian health workers back home, telling reporters, “The Australian government is not about to risk the health of Australian workers in the absence of credible evacuation plans that could bring our people back to Australia.”

The Aussies are right.  This is not the job our soldiers signed up for.  Without a working Ebola vaccine we as a nation and that idiot in the White House Red Shed have no right to expose our troops to this kind of grave risk.

That’s my opinion.

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After “Surprising” comes “Shocking”

Toon J3Electricity rate spike ‘shocking’

Electric rates (In New England) are headed north this winter, with dramatic hikes of 37 percent for homes and 75 percent for large businesses (In Massachusetts)— “shocking” 
increases that consumer and retail advocates say come at the worst possible time.

Because the pipes that bring natural gas into the region have not kept up with increased 
demand for natural gas, the companies generating electricity for National Grid and others to deliver to consumers must pay more for the gas, according to National Grid

(JohntheRiver:If the cost of natural gas is the root cause of the higher electric rates then what will natural gas cost when delivered straight to our homes this winter for heating, hot water and cooking?)

When reality differs from the smug expectations of the Government experts it’s “surprising”, when the long march of interference, political pandering and bonehead decisions come home to roost it’s “shocking”.

Perhaps to thee, but not to me.  I think I can say that I’ve been waiting for this.

  • Forced closing of Coal fired power plants.
  • Subsidized preferences for Solar and Wind power (even after the cautionary examples from Europe of the shortcomings).
  • (In Massachusetts) the waste of years and millions in the failed attempt to build deep water natural gas terminals in Boston Harbor and Fall River.
  • NIMBY (Not in my back yard) stonewalling over any and all attempts to build new gas transmission lines to the North East.
  • No new Nuclear Energy Power Plants.  Or the slightest hope of any.

Other than the item on new or expanded gas pipelines, none of the media stories I’ve read have talked about the other real causes of the coming Gas-Tastrophe or that the real causes are all political, and NOT technical.  (All plans or objections that are based on carbon reduction or carbon capture are 100% political and not based on verified observation or proven science.)

So this winter some people will die since at the lower end of the social scale they will be forced into a choice between buying food or paying for energy, starving or freezing.  Some businesses will be laying off workers, some businesses will move to sunnier (and less bone stupid) climes. But first, in November, the voters of Massachusetts will elect the same loony nitwits that created this disaster in the first place.

This Winter/ What to do?

People will suffer.  Jobs will be lost.  What can be done?  What are our choices?

  • Wind & Solar:  No.  Useless, most expensive form of electrical power. Plus no existing power plants can be replaced because when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow then 100% of the load must be maintained by something that works.
  • Off-shore Natural Gas terminals:  No. Takes years so no help this winter. Plus, requires rescheduling LNG tankers of which there are a finite number and scheduled years in advance.   But no reason not to push forward since this isn’t the last winter Massachusetts will face (I hope).
  • Gas Transmission Lines (Pipelines):   No. Again takes years. So get started.
  • Nuclear:   No.  Years/Decades.  But new Next Generation Nuclear is the perfect fix for New England.  The nuclear plants of the ’50’s and ’60’s contributed to the good times that lasted for several decades. Then we dropped the ball.  The Chinese are building the Thorium cycle and Isotope power plants that we designed and never were allowed to build.  I’m not holding my breath but I’m crossing my fingers.
  • Re-start existing Coal Plants:  Yes!  The only solution that can help us this winter. Cheaper too!  Even helps out other Americans in coal producing states.  But the biggest likely delay from Green lawsuits by consciousness bastards who don’t give a damn about those poor starving and freezing souls who are their own supporters.theo2

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Politics created this.

Politics (as usual) will create an almost impossible barrier to correcting it.

Politics have been hijacked.

Politics are not serving the people, but are used to control them.

I want to really “Shock” the decision makers. I want to make them accountable for all these myriad mistakes and this Gas-Tastrophe.


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There are no new jokes.


Leading drug companies have announced that White Rabbits will no longer be used in scientific experiments.
Muslims will now be used instead. There are three reasons for this change…

A top scientist has stated that the advantages of using Muslims are the following:

  • First they breed faster than rabbits after arriving in civilized countries.
  • Unlike cute rabbits the researchers don’t become fond of their subjects.  And most important…
  • There are some things a White Rabbit will not do!

I recognized the form of the joke immediately, I first encountered it thirty years ago and it became my favorite Lawyer joke (and used white rats).   The link goes to Theo Spark but this version of the joke is a rewrite of the original lawyer joke re-adding the third line…Bazinga!

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Here’s a post that hit a responsive chord…

I’ve seen this on several different blogs.   So why am I also posting it?  So I can reprint my comment from American Digest on my own blog (I’m doing too much commenting on other peoples sites lately and not enough on my own).

Telling the customer off

The customer is always right.

Except if you walk out without paying, you are not a customer.

You are a thief.

James Chu who runs the SO restaurant in San Francisco had it with such deadbeats. He told Channel 7 that people have become too hard to please. It began when a customer refused to pay because he was displeased with the meal.

“The second guy came up to me and said, ‘The rule is, if we don’t like it we don’t have to pay.’ And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that’s when I went poof,” James Chu told the TV station.

He shut down and posted the sign. He later re-opened it with a sign that said: “We work hard to please everyone, but we know we can’t. So if you’re hard to please, please just turn around and go somewhere else. Thanks!”

If I ever go to San Francisco, I am looking that restaurant up. I like MSG. All food is organic. And IDGAF about gluten, one way or another.

My comment…

Lemon Chicken

So in the week after my father died I was taking my mother and aunt out to eat. They didn’t feel like cooking and on that night neither did I. (though I planned to smoke two chickens for them the next day)

We ended up in little Chinese restaurant that we hadn’t been in before. The oldest Chinese waiter in the world came over to take our order.
My mother said, “They have Lemon Chicken on the menu, I love Lemon Chicken! That’s what I’ll have.”
(Have you ever seen a person with a lot of wrinkles on their face frown? It gets hard to spot where their mouth went.)
The waiter spoke. “NO! No Lemon Chicken!”.
“You are out of Lemon Chicken?” I asked.
“No Lemon Chicken to eat here!”, he replied,”If you want Lemon Chicken you get to-go. No eat here!”.
“Huh?”, I responded brilliantly.
“We cook Lemon Chicken, customer complain about the Lemon Chicken, so we no serve Lemon Chicken here. We don’t want to hear you complain about Lemon Chicken here. Lemon Chicken only to-go!”. “I give you more time look at menu, but No Lemon Chicken”, and then he walked away.

After a stunned moment we all broke out in laughter, deep barking sounds on my part as I dealt with other emotions I’d been keeping bottled up. I remember that laugh, I needed that laugh. To this day all that is needed to provoke a smile or a grin in the family is to said the words, “No Lemon Chicken”.
PS; The next day I smoked those chickens and while I went inside to check my email (or something, I don’t really remember) somehow an ember from the smoker got out and started a fire on the deck. Thanks to the broken fire hydrant, that was the day my house burned down. So you might say, being refused Lemon Chicken was the high point of my week.

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I hear you.

Scott Stantis by Scott Stantis


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I Bike, I Hate Trucks!

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