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Hatty-Cool-White-Summer-Hat“It’s a cool summer!”

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Here we go again

Always wait…wait…wait and then the truth begins to be reveled.

Ferguson Cop’s Injuries Show Michael Brown May Not Be As Innocent As Some People Thought

As rioters continue to wreak havoc on Ferguson, Mo. in the wake of a police shooting that killed…


As rioters continue to wreak havoc on Ferguson, Mo. in the wake of a police shooting that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, facts continue to surface that cast doubt on the assertions being made by many of the violent protesters.

On Monday, results from two separate autopsies showed that Brown was shot multiple times from the front, contradicting some allegations that the black man was shot in the back by white police officer Darren Wilson….

A narrative that Brown cooperated with Wilson and was shot while surrendering has permeated much of the protest that is now well into its second week. Police reports, however, paint a much different picture of the events leading up to Brown’s death.

Local authorities confirm that the suspect was combative and attempted to take Wilson’s gun after being stopped on the street. Reports indicate that the officer was treated for serious facial injuries as a result of the altercation.

Those covering the story report that multiple witnesses verify the officer’s account.

Nevertheless, hackers decided to release the name of a man they claimed was the shooter and threatened to publish personal information about him before an associated Twitter account was suspended. Police ultimately affirmed the identity of the officer; and amid growing threats against him, Wilson was reportedly forced to leave the state for his own safety.

Adding further to the credibility of police reports are two sources cited by Gateway Pundit indicating that Wilson actually suffered a serious fracture — known as an orbital floor fracture — of his eye socket during the fight with Brown.

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Bad Barbarian Boys

In Iraq, captured Yazidi women fear the Islamic State will force them to wed

Hundreds of Yazidi women who were captured by Islamic extremists during their sweep through the town of Sinjar are being incarcerated at scattered locations across northern Iraq in what increasingly looks like a deliberate attempt to co-opt them into service as the wives of fighters.

Islam allows men to have multiple wives (unspoken tenet is if they can afford it) and with equal numbers of males and females being born some men will never have access to a wife.  Historically the Muslims have corrected that sad fact by raiding other tribes or lands and stealing women. Along with anything not tied down.  In the history of many western countries, if their ancestors passed through the barbarian phase, they did the same thing. But they pretty much got it out of their systems a thousand years ago, more or less.

Islam never did.  The first naval action of the US Navy was the punitive mission to suppress the Barbary Pirates (Muslims). When the western nations became too strong and dangerous to provoke, Muslims, such as Barack Obama’s grandfathers,  continued to operate a sweet little business in Africa, catching Africans and marching them to the coast to sell to the purveyors of that civilized abomination.  Bringing Africans to Chicago and Detroit to vote Democratic.  (After a period of forced labor in the South to pay for their passage.)

Slavery and the capture of other human beings for sex or labor continued in the Muslim world without interruption to this day.  Although it was mainly reduced to a few small areas of the world.   Until now.  In the areas controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, non-muslim women and girls are being kidnapped, raped or murdered.  Also in Africa (still remember #Bring home our girls??) and in southeast Asia.

The barbarians of Islam are on the march, forget Ronald Reagan, where’s Charles the Hammer?  Roland? El Cid? John of Austria?  General Gordan?

Our new motto, “This Time, No More Mr. Nice Guy!”.

BARBARINA-CRUELTY-FRONTCOVER-web2 the-slave-market-3 WhiteSlavery01

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Missing in Action

Guess who was missing at funeral of highest ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam War

U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene was buried today at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, including a caisson, two escort platoons, casket team, firing party, colors team, and a caparisoned horse. The U.S. Army band, “Pershing’s Own,” played softly as the funeral procession made its way down the long hill past the rows of simple white gravestones to bring General Greene to his final resting place.

The graveside service began with a few words, followed by a 13-gun salute. The major general’s widow, Dr. Susan Myers, was seated in the front row. To her right was their son 1st Lt. Matthew Greene, his daughter Amelia Greene, followed by Major General Greene’s father, also Harold Greene.

After three rifle volleys and the playing of “Taps,” the American flag, once placed on the major general’s casket, was carefully folded as the band played “America the Beautiful.” U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno presented the flag to his widow, and additional flags to his children and father.

General Greene, 55, became the highest-ranking fatality in the war in Afghanistan after an Afghan military police officer opened fire on Aug. 5th, 2014.

Missing from the ceremony; The POTUS, The VPOTUS, The Secretary of Defense.

Can I play through

Hey! Can I play through?

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Robin Williams: A tragic waste of life

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Rim Shot…

Kendall Jenner, 18, reportedly walked out on her bill at a New York City restaurant after the servers refused to bring her alcohol. Then, when confronted by a waitress, Jenner allegedly threw a few $20 bills in the woman’s face, which might be the first time we’ve ever heard of someone literally throwing money at a problem to make it go away.

Reportedly Ms. Jenner is being offered a post in the Obama administration involved in domestic policy…

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Hell’s dominion on Earth.

Bush-Vs-Obama-Iraq.jpg-large-436x600 theo1Even during the Crusades when a fraction of the military power of the Christian lands contended with the full force of the Mohammedans they could not stand against us.

Then as now, the only thing that saves them is our own folly and the fools among us.

Should we go back now and waste more precious American lives, fight another fight with one hand tied behind our backs? Send more of our best out to death and mutilation  and scant thanks, poor help and suspicion upon return?

Hell No!  Pull down the Muslim in the White House Red Shed first!

Pull every single man and woman out of Afghanistan now.  Get ready for the fight that is coming here.  This is where the seed of Totalitarianism is growing, this country is the where the next fight is.

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Headline Simplification Act of 2014

Headline Simplification Act of 2014

Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS (+) President Obama Goes on Holiday


Obama orders US Military into harms way then puts on his “Mom” Jeans and goes on (another) two week vacation.


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