Pardon for Turkey?

White House Cancels Turkey Pardon After Russian Fighter Incident

White House Cancels Turkey Pardon After Russian Fighter Incident

WASHINGTON — White House Spokesman Josh Earnest quietly announced this morning that President Obama would cancel Wednesday’s traditional “Turkey Pardon,” a presidential staple since the Kennedy administration, citing protests and complaints by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The complaints follow Monday’s downing of a Russian fighter by Turkish forces. “The Sov—er, Russians were a little concerned at how pardoning a […]

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No Golden Rule in Islam

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Trump right again. And the confirmation comes from…

WaPo: Officials Investigated Muslims in New Jersey Holding Rooftop Parties on 9/11 Across River From Attack Scene

The Washington Post reported on September 18, 2001–one week after the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks, that the law enforcement officers were investigating people in Muslim enclaves of Jersey City, New Jersey who were seen the day of the attacks celebrating and holding rooftop parties to watch the aftermath of the attack on the Twin Towers unfold across the Hudson River in New York City. One of the Post’s reporters later stated his sources were eyewitnesses and Jersey City police officers.


Less we forget, less we forget.

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Book report on, “13 Hours (In Benghazi)”
Nothing here for those mainly interested in proving that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was guilty of …something.   These were the guys on the ground, for what happened in Washington they have no more to go on than any other American.  No more than Audry Murphy (WWII) was privy to the decisions to launch the European Invasion in which he took part.

The two big controversies that the book does settle; the manner and responsibility for Ambassador Stevens death, the (possibly) fatal delay in sending in a rescue force to the diplomatic building while the attack was going on.   For the questions on the lack of any support from the air, ground or sea we must all look elsewhere.  These guys can only and are only telling about what they saw, heard and did.  With complete honesty and candor.

One thing I got out of this book was that anything, repeat anything, said or reported that depends on the Libyans themselves is almost certainly a lie.   Depending upon the Libyans to defend a American diplomatic compound, especially when the US Ambassador was visiting, was worse than a serious mistake.  It was criminally negligent.   Some Libyans were friendly, some provided crucial help but in the end it was Libyan unreliability and with direct Libyan involvement that  our people were attacked and four of our people died.  Again, if (as is likely) foreign nationals, Al Queda or members of the national Libyan Police were involved in the attack, these men can only provide hints based on what they saw on those days before and during that attack.

On the question of Ambassador Stevens, this is not a ‘Castle’ murder mystery.  While I have read some speculation on plausible scenarios in which Stevens might have fallen alive into the hands of our enemies, while possible there is no proof.  The account and timeline in this book by those that were there convinces me that Stevens died onsite of smoke inhalation like Sean Smith and that the responsibility for his death lies on the heads of whoever made the decision to deny the additional security forces that were strongly requested.   And their account makes clear that any possibility of a successful rescue of those under attack was probably thrown away by the refusal of the CIA station chief  ‘Bob’ to allow the quick reaction force of Americans to go.  As in; Go, GO, GO! Read the book, follow the timeline, tell me what you think.

This is probably not the final word on the Benghazi tragedy.  There are many gaps in our understanding on the American side.  Perhaps when the administration that was control is over (Please God, Soon!) then some of the people that know more about the truth on the American military response will speak up. (Or better, the lack of one.)  Then there is the Libyan side.  I expect to hear more from that direction, I’m just inclined to doubt (strongly) anything written or said without hard proof.

So what will you get from this book?  You should get a glance into a secret world inhabited by some of the best men that America can produce. They protect our diplomats, intelligence assets and others.   Almost to a man they are highly trained and retired from our best units; Seals, Marines, Special Forces, Delta and like.  Professional and effective.  Unfortunately, too often not in charge and miss-used by  those that are.  (Bob, the CIA station chief, can we at least strip his pension from him?  Yeah, that’s my judgement…it’s not in the book.)

Maybe we should be expanding the Marine Corps to provide Marine detachments for every American presence overseas and if the host country won’t allow them then let them get along without America.    Can I hear a Hoorah?

Good book, about 300 pages.  Read it. Continue reading

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Doug: Stuff I found

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Winter is coming

Paul Ryan Slammed as Rift Between GOP Leaders and Voters Explodes

Separate data compiled by the Senate Immigration Subcommittee further reveals the terror threat posed by the nation’s federal immigration policy:

  • An Uzbek refugee living in Idaho was arrested and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization, in the form of teaching terror recruits how to build bombs.
  • The Boston Bombers were invited in as refugees. The younger brother applied for citizenship and was naturalized on September 11th, 2012. The older brother had a pending application for citizenship.
  • A Bosnian refugee, along with his wife and five relatives, donated money and supplies, and smuggled arms, to terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.
  • Six members of Minnesota’s Somali-American refugee community have recently been charged with trying to join ISIS. TheWashington Times reported that “the effort [to resettle large groups of Somali refugees in Minnesota] is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state’s safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.”
  • An immigrant from Yemen, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, along with six other men, was charged with conspiracy to travel to Syria and to provide material support to ISIS.
  • A Somali immigrant with lawful permanent resident status, along with four other Somali nationals, is charged with leading an al-Shabaab fundraising conspiracy in the United States, with monthly payments directed to the Somali terrorist organization.
  • A Kazakhstani immigrant with lawful permanent resident status conspired to purchase a machine gun to shoot FBI and other law enforcement agents if they prevented him from traveling to Syria to join ISIS.
  • An immigrant from Saudi Arabia, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, swore allegiance to ISIS and pledged to explode a propane tank bomb on U.S. soil.
  • A Uzbek man in Brooklyn encouraged other Uzbeki nationals to wage jihad on behalf of ISIS, and raised $1,600 for the terror organization.
  • An immigrant from Syria, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was accused by federal prosecutors of planning to “go to a military base in Texas and kill three or four American soldiers execution style.”
  • A college student who immigrated from Somalia, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, attempted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon.
  • An immigrant from Afghanistan, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, and a legal permanent resident from the Philippines, were convicted for “join Al Qaeda and the Taliban in order to kill Americans.”
  • An Iraqi immigrant, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested for lying to federal agents about pledging allegiance to ISIS and his travels to Syria.
  • Two immigrants from Pakistan, who later applied for and received U.S citizenship, were sentenced to decades-long prison sentences for plotting to detonate a bomb in New York City.
  • An immigrant from Yemen, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested for trying to join ISIS. He was also charged with attempting to illegally buy firearms to try to shoot American military personnel.
  • An immigrant brought here by his family from Kuwait at a young age, and who was later approved for U.S. citizenship, carried out the Islamist attack that recently killed 4 military personnel in Chattanooga

More to come…

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Different opinions, what is yours?

‘Nearly impossible’ to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn

Migrants and refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey on November 20, 2015

Lesbos (Greece) (AFP) – As the hunt for jihadists widens after last week’s Paris attacks, authorities in Greece warn it was virtually impossible to pick out dangerous extremists among arriving migrants, without prior intelligence.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Pushing back against efforts to bar Syrian refugees from resettling in the U.S., President Barack Obama vowed Saturday that his country will be a welcoming place for millions fleeing violence around the world “as long as I’m president.”

Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’


Trump’s continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears.

A recent survey of public attitudes by Reuters/Ispos, though, suggests caution for the GOP establishment.

Whatever failings there may be in his specific policies, Donald Trump’s campaign has tapped into a strong, visceral feeling of millions of Americans. Seeking to destroy Trump, the candidate, may further alienate the Republican party from a rapidly growing block of voters.

According to the Reuters survey, 58 percent Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.” While Republicans and Independents are the most likely to agree with this statement, even 45 percent of Democrats share this feeling.

More than half of Americans, 53 percent, say they “feel like a stranger” in their own country. A minority of Americans feel “comfortable as myself” in the country.


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