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The Fork in the Road. Updated

The Fork in the Road…Composite image Minuteman

Polybius believed that Republican Rome had designed a new form of government that could help check this inevitable decline. Rome combined all three forms of government — monarchy (its elected executives, called consuls); aristocracy (the Senate); and democracy (the popular assemblies). In this mixed form of government, each branch would check the corrupting ambitions and power of the others.

How many people know that prior to the 17th Amendment, Senators were not directly elected by popular vote. They were appointed by the States, each State being allowed to decide the method of selection. This was intended to remove the office of US Senator from the hurly burly of the popular election and allow wiser and cooler heads select a man that would be primarily concerned with defending the interests of his state.  Instead what we have today is a super-representative, just like a Congressional Representative but sits in a different room in Washington. With the rise of political parties and their primacy in controlling national elections, many (if not most) Senators are of principal loyalty to their party, not their home state.

(In reading the comments following Doug Ross’s post, I found in this comment a better phasing of my above sentiment):

Yet with the 17th Amendment, with the direct election of Senators, did we do away the “aristocracy” and create two chambers of democratic passion, the 17th amendment also decreased the power of the states.

Before the 17th amendment, states appointed Senators. So not only were Senators insulated from the daily passions of the masses, they were also beholden to protect the rights of the state versus the Federal government.

Either way, we have been and still are on the wrong course.  Power, and not just political power, is gathering, concentrating.  The Executive Branch now includes vast numbers of appointed bureaucrats. Under Obama they have reached the point that they believe they are above the law. And they are right.  The EPA ignores the rulings of State and Federal judges, the Attorney General of the United States ignores censure and instructs his Federal Attorneys to do likewise.

You could kill the current crop of power-mad incompetents and another batch would pop up to grab the reins of power. So how do we dissipate this unhealthy concentration of federal power?

End the War on Drugs. Run up the white flag, we lost.  But continuing to allow it to be the excuse for the crushing intrusion of the government into our homes and the perversion of our laws is worse, far worse. As far as I’m concerned, the government should start selling pure, uncut drugs on every street corner tomorrow. Better all around.

End the War on Terrorizing American citizens. I’m not sure that the worst the Islamic terrorists could do would be much more emasculating or costly than what we have been doing to ourselves.  Dump the new, ineffective and expensive Government Agency and admit it was a bad idea in the first place. Send all it’s employees back to whatever Institute for Sexual Perversion they came out of.

End the War on Business. What more need I say? In fact, across the board lets get rid of all “One Size Fits All” regulations and the narrow minded assholes public servants using them to ride our backs.

The problem with the Republicans, and other potential replacements for the current administration, is that they don’t especially want to see the concentration of power dissipated. They just want their turn at the wheel. (or holding the whip) So who is really interested in reining in Federal Power? The States obviously. How?   Stop sending Democrats (any Democrat) and Rhino’s to Washington, DC.

What can each of us, personally, do and starting today?  Stop watching the Boob Tube. Especially stop watching the News. It is the first link in our chains, the daily attack on our virtue and reason. It is the opiate of our minds. It is how the labels and the libels of the left are implanted; from Pink Slime to Fracking, what is is and blaming the murders of the left on the defenders of the right.

I fear that we may be the last generation to know what liberty is. I hope we don’t go down without a fight.

Update: Since I did this post, this year, the new big, stupid thing is the War On Women!  ™  Please!   Today as I write this the news from the Old World is that the nation of Iran has Hung a woman for killing her rapist, this week in another part of the Mid-East a woman was stoned to death by her neighbors and her family.   The Harridan Brigade of Elizabeth Warren don’t have the slightest idea what a real War on Women looks like.  If in fact if they get their way and dismantle the male dominated Western World (as they see it), they may get to see that real War on Women.  It will be a short fight.

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Happy Halloween

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Porta Potty torture

BREAKING: Ebola Nurse’s Ties to CDC Scrubbed From Website – Is Far Left Progressive & Obama Supporter

Quarantined Ebola Nurse, Kaci Hickox is a card carrying Progressive and CDC EIS Officer.

The Ebola nurse who attacked Governor Christie for putting her in quarantine after returning from Africa is a Progressive with ties to the CDC.

Her LinkedIn profile was scrubbed this weekend.
Natural News reported:

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey over her high risk status as a possible Ebola carrier, has ties to the CDC which have been deliberately hidden by the mainstream media.

Right now, a war is waging between states like New Jersey, New York and Illinois — which have all decided to quarantine travelers at high risk of Ebola infections — and the federal government which is adamantly opposed to border security, medical quarantines and travel bans.

Kaci Hickox emerged in the center of this debate just yesterday when she complained of being “interrogated” and held in violation of her civil rights. Kaci’s profile, which described her links to the CDC, was scrubbed from the web earlier today, and even Google cache has strangely been cleared of her profile which previously detailed her ties to the CDC.

The now-famous article [1] which published Hickox’s complaints failed to mention the nurse’s ties to the CDC.

It turns out that Kaci Hickox is a registered democrat and Obama supporter who works for the CDC. “The nurse currently quarantined in New Jersey is an employee for the Centers for Disease Control and a registered Democrat with a history of left-wing advocacy,” reports

One of her left-wing positions is that Drug or Pharmaceutical companies should be prevented from selling their products including new vaccines for a profit.  Especially in Africa and including any new drugs or vaccines that are developed to stop Ebola.   How she thinks those companies are supposed to stay in business or why they wouldn’t abandon all research under those conditions she doesn’t mention.

Part of the cruel and inhumane treatment that Kaci had to endure (in durance vile) was using a “Porta-Potty”,  a comment I read on InstaPundit put it well, “Thank God these girls weren’t at Normandy on D-Day, we would have lost the war before the Army Corp of Engineers could have constructed acceptable bathrooms.”.

Now, one last thought to ponder.  She has been released after “testing negative for Ebola”.  ???  Did someone develop a 100% effective and quick test for Ebola infection with 0% false negatives while I wasn’t looking?    I didn’t think so.

Here’s an idea; put her up at the White House (while Barry’s in residence) to finish out her quarantine.   Works for me.

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Geeky stuff

I’m an old, retired (well still officially unemployed, oops! make that “out of work”. ) Telcom Engineer.  So this stuff gets me hot.

First, in the beginning there was Telegraph and on land the speed of transmission was limited mostly by the skill of the telegraph operator sending messages by hand.  Various men, tinkerers and scientists, including Thomas Edison developed means of increasing the speed and recording the dots and dashes of the transmissions.  “Morse Code”  could be read and transmitted at a various speeds, skilled operators (aka Telegraphists) could do so at 40 words per minute (wpm= 5 characters, spaces and punctuation).  The first undersea telegraph cables (due to the length of the cable and retardation of the signal caused by little understood electrical resistance of the water) could take two minutes to send one character.   And yet for the British Government the £60,000 they contributed became a bargain when one message sent across the ocean to Canada prevented a entire army from embarking on a useless voyage to India when the Great Indian Mutiny ended before they could leave and shortly after the successful crossing of the Atlantic by the first transatlantic cable.   (Let’s speed this up a bit.)

Almost fifty years ago, at college, I had my first computer science course.  We learned Fortran, and our sole piece of computer equipment was a TTY (Teletype printer) that connected to a computer mainframe at 110 baud (the other available speed was slower, 75 baud) over a timeshare link. If I remember correctly, the bit rate was 450bps.  About a decade later I bought my first modem for personal use at home.  300 baud and it used a acoustical coupler.  Then I bought a 300 baud auto-dialer.  Then I bought a 1200 baud modem.  After that a 2400 baud modem and it plugged into a slot inside my PC.  After that I had (in order); 9600 BPS external modem, 14,400bps internal modem, a 28K internal and last (modem-wise) a 56K external. 

Then I got cable service from (never to be sufficiently damned) Comcast.  That was in 2006 when we moved back into the newly rebuild house.  The first available speeds were less than one Meg, or 1,000,000 bps.  Later I paid extra for the “Performance” speed tier, roughly 3 to 5 Meg.  Today, still with Comcast, after upgrading the cable modem to docsis 3.0 when I check the status on the WiFi connection link I see 300Mbps.   Of course when I run Speedtest by Ookla the results are (today and before the neighborhood kiddies get home from school) 24.96Mbps. That is very close to the 25Mbps I pay Comcast for.

So.  The big geek news for today.

First, remember when we worried about the government spending billions of our taxpayer dollars until they started spending trillions?   Before Fiber Optic cables were developed, over copper wire and microwave the transmission rates for data and voice were measured in Kilobytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes.  Well, today most of the commercial and personal data use is transmitted over Fiber Optic cables.  And the current standard data rate is 4-8 Terabits/s.   The big news today is a new type of fiber and a new record transmission rate of 255 Terabits/s.  Over 21 times faster.  Wow, isn’t that amazing?  I bet you’re really excited..right!  Um, Right?  right…well here’s the news release.

255 Terabits/s: Researchers demonstrate record data transmission over new type of fiber

Dr. Chigo Okonkwo: “At less than 200 microns in diameter, this fibre does not take noticeably more space than conventional fibres already deployed. These remarkable results definitely give the possibility to achieve Petabits/s , which is the focus of the European Commission in the coming 7 year Horizon 2020 research programme. The result also shows the key importance of the research carried out in Europe, and in particular at TU/e with other well-known teams around the world in high-capacity systems.”

Read more at:

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The Ebola epidemic is, above all, a damning repudiation of the big government solutions so blindly embraced by Mr. Obama, particularly when it comes to health care.

Read the title, now can we have an Amen?


Obama Prepares for the Ebola Election

At every turn the past few weeks (months after the epidemic had become an acute crisis of global proportions), American voters have watched authorities within the administration spinning madly to minimize, downplay and dismiss a deadly, incurable disease already on the verge of claiming 4,500 lives worldwide.

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Bad things happen when an organization transits from the Professional to Political

The CDC Doesn’t Have A Funding Problem. It Has A Mission Creep Problem

…if the CDC needs additional funding to deal with legitimate health scare like Ebola, it should certainly be available. What shouldn’t be forgotten, though, is that CDC’s budget and purview have swollen over the past few decades as it has seen an infusion of funding due to temporary health scares and  trendy crusades that often go well beyond any mission it should be pursuing.

The CDC, an agency whose primary mission was to prevent malaria and then other dangerous communicable diseases, is now spending a lot of time, energy and money worrying about how much salt you put on your steaks, how often you inhale second-hand smoke and how often you do calisthenics.  Though the CDC has done an admirable job in managing the panic surrounding Ebola, it is, historically speaking, a national leader in unscientific panic mongering. You might remember when top CDC scientists declared the “epidemic” of obesity would soon be the leading contributor to preventable death in the United States? The CDC claimed it obesity deaths had risen 33 percent between 1990 and 2000. It claimed that 400,000 people would die from being overweight. It turned out these numbers were made up, and the CDC was forced to revise the estimate by a mere 1,400 percent.

Why exactly is it necessary for organizations like the CDC to have political appointees running them?

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Your Second Amendment

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Weymouth, before and after the rain.

IMG_0433 Federal St

Front and Federal Street in Weymouth

Been a very (very) dry summer, haven’t seen any of these in a long time.

IMG_0447 mushroomOver three days, over five and a half inches of rain.

P1000104 rain guage wed to thurOn Thursday I had to empty the rain gauge and start over…

P1000105 rain guage thur to friQuite a storm, again, been a long time since we’ve had a Wind/Rain storm like that.  I stopped at the gas station during the rain and found that the prices have dropped a lot.  I had the cash in hand; two twenties, and a ten. When the guy finished and said,” thirty-nine”, I just looked at him.  He repeated, “thirty-nine”,  I shook my head  and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t believe my ears.  A pity we couldn’t have had those gas prices and this rain two months ago.”   He agreed.

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