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Toons O15 (3)

Start thinking about 2016, we can’t let the leftist media pick the candidate again!


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In Texas it’s legal to hunt near bait.

A joke about the (Texas) cowboy, the Indian and the Muslim sitting around the campfire.

The Indian says sadly, “Once we were many, now we are few.”

The Muslim says happily, “Once we were few, now we are many!”

To which the cowboy replied, “That’s because we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet.”

The winning cartoon from THE Muhammad Cartoon Art Exhibit and $10,000 Cartoon Contest in Garland Texas.

Muhammad Cartoon Art Exhibit and $10,000 Cartoon Contest – See more at:


and the winner for second place…

this that a knife

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Wounded Warrior 2015

He made mistakes, but I’m still not ashamed of voting for him.   The difference between 43 and 44 is much, much greater than one.


God Bless Him.    I thought that people, good people, would like to see what a good and decent man who was a President looks like again.


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Faces of the Baltimore Police charged and their nemesis.

Goodson, 45, was charged with his (Freddy Gray) murder Friday. Caesar Gordon

Rice, Porter and White were charged with manslaughter, Brian Rice

William PorterAlicia White

while Miller and Nero’s most serious charges were assault.Garrett MillerEdward Nero

All the officers face as long as 10 years in prison if found guilty, while Goodson’s murder charge could make him eligible for 30 years.

Their booking photos were released Friday night. According to CNN, all six have posted bail and were released.

The news network said that Goodson, White, Porter and Rice paid $350,000 bail, while the figure for Nero and Miller was $250,000.

And their prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State’s Attorney2837749800000578-0-image-a-15_1430509827393So this woman comes from the generation of Boston court ordered busing. I wonder what she thinks of “whites” after that debacle? Since she moved to a city with a majority black population I might make a guess. But that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

It seems that the facts as laid out should suggest she recuse herself;  Husband is a politician in that district, Grey family attorney a substantial contributor and adviser.   Why not do the professional thing and appoint a special prosecutor to bring this before a Grand Jury? If she did so then the indictments would match the actual level of wrongdoing and be much more likely to result in convictions that would not be (later) overturned by a higher court. As these charges undoubtedly will be.

But she would reap less of the credit for success then and maybe that’s the point.

The extraordinary speed in which she decided that grievous crimes had been committed, A “Heat of the Fire Decision” that (of course) every police officer in the immediate area was involved may play well with the mob (and the thugs). But I think she just walled herself inside the castle. After this I doubt that she will never move onto a national political stage, anymore than another opportunist, Al Sharpton, did.

It is the over-the-top charges she has decided to bring that will, I think, be her downfall. Short term political advantage for long term meager results, yes, she is a politician. I wonder what office she had her eye on?

I don’t want to see the police injuring or killing citizens that they snatch off the street anymore than Ms. Mosby does but since she sliced through the middle of the police investigation (after the determination of what happened but before the determination of criminal responsibility) and eschewed the sensible course of an Special Prosecutor and the Grand Jury, she has made it personal.  Zeal or ambition?  Time will tell.

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Shocked! I’m Shocked!!!

Prisoner in van: Gray was ‘trying to injure himself’

The Washington Post, meanwhile, reported that it obtained a police document saying that Gray was “banging against walls” inside the police wagon after his arrest, a period when Baltimore police officials contend he must have sustained his fatal spinal injury earlier this month. A prisoner sharing the police van with Gray told investigators he believed that Gray “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to the document.

The prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him, the Post reported. His statement was contained in an application for a search warrant, sealed by the court but obtained by the newspaper under the condition that the prisoner not be named.

The 72 hour rule wins again.   Nothing even resembling the truth will be known in the first 72 hours,  at least.

Update: And the narrative continues to change.  “Rough Riding“,  a time honored  tradition of punishing the arrestee that make the arresting officers chase them down.  The arrestee is placed in cuffs (including leg irons in this case) and driven fast over rough roads.  Usually they only collect a few bruises.  But sooner or later someone was going to get hurt.  This was a worst case scenario; for the suspect, for the police but mostly for the city.

The ridiculous over-charging of the police officers with murder and manslaughter will not serve to chill the city out.  The burnt out blocks will serve as the tombstone for the dead and dying City of Baltimore.

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Save the Cheerleader, no… The Choirboy.

How Freddie ‘Pepper’ Gray, 25, lived off a lead paint settlement after being poisoned as a child and was well known to police following at least 18 arrests

Freddie Gray (pictured) was a 25-year-old African-American who grew up in Baltimore’s impoverished west side. Nicknamed ‘Pepper’, he was described by an ex-girlfriend as happy-go-lucky with an infectious sense of humor. The Baltimore police knew him, however, as a 5ft-8ins felon who had notched up at least 18 arrests and a handful of convictions – mainly for Class A drugs but also burglary, assault and illegal gambling. He died from a severe injury to his spine on April 19th – one week after being arrested by police (bottom) following a chase on foot through his Baltimore neighborhood. He was arrested in possession of a switchblade.

Just a few days ago I read glowing reports of the life of Saint Freddie Gray in national newspapers.  As a son, a student and all round nice guy.    Those stories seem to be very hard to find today.  After Freddie Gray’s rap sheet was released.

But it took a British newspaper to come up with the details of his extensive criminal career.

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GoFundMe= Go F*ckMe

BBB Accredited Business since 9/4/2014

California Product Shop Inc

Phone: (844) 946-3863 PO Box 711798, San Diego, CA 92171 View Additional Email Addresses

Takes 8% of the funds collected, based in San Diego,  shown to be a “Social Justice” running dog.

Quite a few complaints about GoFundMe concerning holding back funds but the icing on the cake is their treatment of the fund set up for the couple who got slammed by the Gay Nazis for declining to produce a “Wedding Cake” festooned with gay propaganda.  The corrupt judge in the case set a ridiculously high award of “damages” and GoFundMe (by shutting down the fundraising short of the goal) ensured that the couple will go into bankruptcy.

The next targeted (straight) baker will know better.  Bake the cake.  Pee in the damn batter but bake the damn cake.

pee in the cake mix

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Optical Trick

Apr 22 (4)

It’s amazing, no matter where in the room you go, the two orbs are still staring at you!

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